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Want to Study Abroad? Here're 11 Good Reasons to Study Abroad

Study Abroad
Preparing yourself
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If you’re reading this, it means you’ve considered studying abroad once, twice, or thrice. Let’s admit it, we all want to study abroad. The only thing missing is another article to encourage you and give you reasons to study abroad.


Packing your bags to fly across oceans and get the best education is getting more and more popular. We know you must be looking for a list of benefits, and reasons why studying abroad is good for you before you share your plan with your parents. Telling your mother, “it’s not just about traveling. I swear there are countless benefits!” isn't cut it.


Whether you’re looking for a more solid reason other than "studying abroad will change my life” (which might be cheesy but is most certainly true), or looking for that final push you need to pack up your life and fly to another country… here are 11 reasons to study abroad:


The best reasons to study abroad:


1. You'll easily learn a new language

You can stay in school for 6 years trying to learn Spanish or download Duolingo and pass all the levels. But until you live in Spain, you won't know more than, "Hola, cómo estás." Studying abroad will immerse you in the culture and language and will make you learn Spanish without even trying to.


2. You'll get a much more valuable degree

Studying in another country tends to mean getting used to a new academic system, classes that you won't find in your home University, and a new way of teaching that could make you fall in love with education. It will also steal you away from the monotony that sometimes comes with staying in the same educational system, people, and the same assignments. We all need a break from routine!


3. You'll develop skills your local class would never provide

I know that being immersed in an entirely new cultural setting might seem scary at first, but let me tell you this: it’s also VERY exciting. You will find unfamiliar situations, but you’ll learn to adapt and go along. Take it as a chance to discover new strengths and abilities, conquer new challenges, and solve new problems. This takes us to…


4. You'll be more employable!

This is the one your mom will like. Through an employer's eyes, someone who has studied abroad has a more global perspective, is someone who’s self-motivated, independent, likes challenges, and is able to deal with different kinds of problems and situations. Think about it. Less than 1% of people actually study abroad. You will be in that rare 1% of the world in that sense. So, no wonder your experience living and studying in another country will set you apart from the majority of other applicants. We’re already proud of you!


5. You'll be able to travel (a lot)

Not only will you have the amazing opportunity to live in the country of your dreams, but weekends and holidays will allow you to explore the country — or even the continent — in a way you couldn’t before. Yes, weekends in Paris are a thing for Europeans. And yes, 10€ flights are a reality. Why say no to that? Besides, you’ll be able to choose between traveling on University field trips (in groups, with other international students), with some friends (you’ll make countless of them), or even get your adventurous soul exploring the world solo! But if you need more reasons to study abroad... we got you.


6. You'll learn about another culture

There is more to cultural differences than language, food, and style. When experiencing a new culture first-hand, especially in an immersive way, such as studying abroad, you will go through a cultural shock that will make you grow in a way nothing else can make you. When you live in a place where people have different habits, sensitivities, world perceptions, beliefs, values… you will have a deeper understanding of the world and feel like you are part of it. I know it sounds weird, as we all are part of it anyway, but trust me, it’s a feeling that's hard to explain.


Good Reasons to Study Abroad


7. You'll make friends from all around the world

Let me start with one of my most recent adventures. I just came back from India. I was attending my friend’s wedding, who I met while studying abroad. In Egypt. How crazy is that? That’s why the making friends part is my favorite. Studying abroad will expand your friendship group like never before, and these friendships will last a lifetime. There is nothing stronger than the bond you make while traveling. This is not only with locals but also with other international students, and don’t get me started on your solo trips! It's hands down the best way to meet new people.


8. You'll learn more about yourself

Ok, this one might be a bit cheesy, but completely true. You won’t realize anything has changed until you’re back home and everything seems different but also the same. Studying abroad opens your mind to new ideas and perspectives about yourself and the world, and your past values and views will be challenged. Maybe even challenge or strengthen your values. This is the magic of immersing yourself in another culture, surrounding yourself with different people, and stepping out of your comfort zone. Not only do you learn about someone else’s reality, but about your own.


9. You'll be more independent

You will realize that everything that may look scary now (leaving home, enrolling in a new University, finding housing, meeting new people, learning the language, and even maybe living alone…) is actually pretty easy. These daily experiences will help you grow as a person and become more independent. Realizing that you don’t need to be constantly surrounded by people to help you will give you a unique sense of freedom. Have you ever thought of taking a weekend trip alone? Or even backpacking through South America solo? While that might seem scary now, after your study-abroad experience, you’ll just see it as the next challenge.


10. You'll be more open-minded

We’re not saying that you’re not already, but it’s impossible to return home unchanged from an experience abroad. Students who have studied abroad come back more informed and educated about the world and with a less biased perspective toward other people, beliefs, and cultures.


11. Studying abroad is definitely an amazing challenge

You may have some concerns about leaving your home country, and it’s completely normal to feel this way, so don't worry. Stepping out of your comfort zone is never easy, but stepping out of your comfort zone is what makes the whole experience so valuable. If you can pack your bags and travel overseas to study, you can do anything else you want!


These are just a few of my learned reasons to study abroad; what are yours?


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