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5 Ways to Make Money While Studying Abroad

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By now we all know that being a student costs a lot of money! And I am not talking about the money that your parents spend for you to be enrolled in the university; I am talking about the money that YOU spend on a daily basis as a student. We know how much money it costs to live your best student life.


That's why Educatly is blessing your day with this article to inspire you and answer the question, "How can students make extra money while studying abroad?" We got ideas that can help you earn extra cash while still being a student


Here are 5 ways for students to make money while studying abroad

1. Try private tutoring

Let's say you took this business 101 class that everybody is struggling with, and it just so happens that you have good teaching skills; in this case, private tutoring is a really good option that could help you earn some extra money. You can pick any subject that you are good at and let fellow students know that you are offering help.


2. Freelancing

The previous point applies to this point too. You can start offering your services on the things that you are good at for money! It could be gardening, painting, or even data entry at a local startup. It’s a great opportunity in which you can earn extra money and practise your skills at the same time. 


Ways to Make Money While Studying Abroad


3. Try an internship 

There are a lot of paid internships in all majors and jobs that are offered during the summer vacation or during winter break. It’ll be extra money, and it will also secure a place for you once you graduate. Keep in mind that the market is really competitive and that's why you need to secure yourself a place.


4. Sell your old textbooks and reusable material 

Many students find it hard and expensive to purchase new textbooks, as we all know that books can be a little TOO expensive! So if you have some textbooks that you purchased and you don't need anymore, try selling them for lower and fair prices so other students can benefit from them, and you can earn some extra money as well. 


5. Find a work-study program on campus

You are literally one e-mail away from getting a job opportunity at the campus where you study. Just send an e-mail to the work-study office (some universities call it the career support office) and ask them about the work-study opportunities that you can try as a part-timer. These programs are tailored to the lifestyle of students, so for sure, they will really suit your busy schedule as a student. 


These are just a few ways students can make extra money while studying. There are many other ways to earn extra money, such as paid online surveys, paid reviews, and a lot more options. Make sure to take a look at all of these options. You can also sign up to Educatly, check out our blogs about education, and study abroad to learn something new every day!


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