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5 of the Least Crowded Countries to Study Abroad

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Do you love peace and quietness? Do you hate being in crowded places or stuck in traffic jams? If that seems like you, then you should be selective about the country where you want to study abroad. So many amazing universities provide high-quality education, and Educatly is here to help you find a university and program in a country where you wouldn’t be caught dead in a roadblock or hate a mall. 


You deserve to find the most suitable study abroad program for you, as well as have a great experience living abroad! It sure would be an unpleasant journey if you’re taking an amazing program but find yourself so eager to rush home and sit quietly. You deserve the best, and Educatly is always here to help you!


Least Crowded Countries to Study Abroad


Here Are 5 of the Least Crowded Countries to Study Abroad:

1. Lithuania 

Lithuania’s population is fairly low! The whole country’s population is less than some major cities’ populations, such as Cairo, Berlin, or New York. Its yearly growth rate is also negative, so it probably won’t be getting jammed anytime soon. Check out 30+ study abroad programs in Lithuania to start your study abroad journey.


2. Spain

While it’s a very famous tourist destination and could get kind of busy in the summer, it’s usually not (with the exception of Madrid and Barcelona!) During the school year, people would be wearing their business faces, and you wouldn’t come across tourists and crowds. Browse through more than 300 programs to study abroad in Spain.


3. Hungary

This safe country has a few people living in it, which is a recipe for a quiet and relaxed country. You can filter through 30+ study abroad programs to get high-quality education in Hungary.


4. Georgia

This country’s culture is relaxed and laid back, so you would really enjoy your time there if you’re into peace and quietness. The growth rate is negative, so you’ll enjoy empty streets and might for a couple more decades. Browse through 10+ study abroad programs in Georgia and select the best one for you.


5. Australia 

This is one of the least crowded and populated places in the world. The beautiful, wildlife-filled country would be amazing to study and live in. From 1,400+ study abroad programs in Australia, pick out your favourite and get ready to live a green life.


What are you waiting for? It’s time to get away from the noise. Filter through more than 1,800 programs in 5 of the least crowded countries in the world to study abroad, choose the most suitable program for you, and apply to it now!


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