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7 Necessary Documents for Egyptians to Study in Europe

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Studying abroad is one of the most life-changing experiences that you will ever experience. And the best part is that applying for a study abroad program is an easy process, especially with Educatly! All you need to do is just prepare a few documents needed from every Egyptian to study abroad in Europe. 


Here are 7 Most Necessary Documents for Egyptians to Study in Europe

1. A Student Visa

Needless to say, this is the most important thing —a visa to the country that you are traveling to. Don't worry; Educatly will help you step by step to get that student visa! We can assist you with finding an appointment, and going through all of the documents and requirements, making the process a whole lot easier on the way. Would it be a problem if you had never been to Europe before? No problem at all! If you have never been to Europe, we will help you to have that student visa from scratch. It might just require a little trip to Mugamma El-Tahrir to ask for a movement certificate for at least 7 years. 


Do not forget to bring snacks with you because it will be a really long day. 


2. Proof of professional status:

If you want to get a diploma, master’s, Ph.D, or any other degree and have a job, then you need a stamped HR letter from your workplace. If you are an undergraduate student, an enrollment letter from your current university will do the trick! That also applies if you are still in high school. You must bring a document showing that you are enrolled at a school. And remember that full official transcripts are also required.


3. Proof of accommodation:

The golden rule is that no embassy will give you a visa without having a place to stay. And the surprise is that (drumroll) we can also help you with accommodation!  We will be with you throughout the entire process until you find the perfect place to make your stay enjoyable. For a short visit, if you decide to go to a hotel (which we don’t recommend), you must show the booking documentation. If you have booked a place using an app, like Airbnb, you will need proof from the app or entity. 


4. QR code for covid vaccination:

You need a QR code as proof of vaccination to submit to the embassy with your application. Here are some tips that might help you. First, some countries prefer Pfizer and won’t accept any other vaccinations, so ask the embassy before getting the wrong vaccine! If you have never been vaccinated before, it will be an easy trip. If you did, however, do not panic; we got you. Instead of checking the nationality as Egyptian (مصر), check (مصر- إعادة تطعيم من أجل السفر). 


Necessary Documents for Egyptians to Study in Europe


5. Language Proof

Good English, not necessarily fluent, is a must if you want to study abroad. So make sure to have a language certificate proving that your English is good enough for the program you are applying to. 


6. Reference Letter

Of course, you had a favorite professor in your university or a favorite teacher in your school. Make sure to catch up with them because you will need to ask them for a reference or a recommendation letter. Prepare a nice and polite email to send them asking if they would be available to write you a recommendation letter. 


7. CV 

Do you remember that old CV that has been somewhere on your computer for ages? Yeah, that one… You need to update it ASAP if you plan to apply for a study abroad program. We need to see your achievements in that CV, so make sure to invest some time in it and write down all your experiences. 


What are you waiting for? Prepare all the documents needed to study abroad in Europe, sign up to Educatly, browse through more than 44,000 diverse, study abroad programs from all over the world, and choose the one for you!


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