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If You’re a Historophile, Here Are 7 Amazing History Branches for You

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Have you always been fascinated by the past? Do you want to study history in all its glory? 


Studying history means you’ll be dabbling with complicated questions, and having a deeper understanding of humans, societies, wars, and our evolution. Everyone learns from the past, and that’s exactly what you can do by studying history. You will understand conflict, resolution, politics, laws, art, science, religion, and basically how we started living in caves and ended up flying planes and browsing the internet.


If you want to follow your passion and study history, then we can tell you that there’s nothing better than an internationally accredited degree. You can study history abroad, and Educatly can connect you to more than 600 history programs in diverse branches!


Get your history degree from one of 75 universities all over the world. Study in the UK, Ireland, Canada, the USA, Australia, Spain, Italy, New Zealand, or the UAE. Get your bachelor’smaster’s, or a Ph.D!


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Here Are 7 History Branches You Can Choose From:

1. American History: Get your degree in American Studies, American Cultural Studies, and more. Check out 15 programs in American history.


2. Ancient History: Take your degree in Medieval History, Ancient Cultures, Egyptology, International History, or Cultural Archaeology. Browse through 180+ ancient history programs.


3. Art History: You can get an Art History Ph.D., Text/Image Studies Ph.D., Managing Art and Cultural Heritage in Global Markets, or a Bachelor of Arts in Art History. There are more than 350 art history programs for you to choose your favorite.


4. Asian History: Earn your Chinese Language and Culture B.A, China & Globalisation MSc, or an Associate of Arts Degree in Asian Studies. Pick one out of 18 Asian history programs now!


5. History and Philosophy of Science and Technology: Get your History & Political Economy BA/BSc, European Studies (French pathway) degree, Ancient History BA, or one of 12 programs.


6. Modern History: Take your degree in History of Warfare, Military History, Politics, and Contemporary History, or choose one of 150+ degrees in modern history.


7. Music History: For music lovers, get your bachelor of Music, bachelor's of Music in Music Performance - Piano, your degree in Musicology, or one of 175+ music history programs!


With a degree in history, work as a history teacher, college lecturer, or professor. You can be a government historian, historical consultant, political advisor, archivist, or museum curator. The music history degree is different, though; it can literally prepare you to be a full-on musician!


Don’t waste another moment. Follow your passion and select one of many history branches.


What are you waiting for? Sign up to Educatly, browse through our history programs, select the most suitable one for you, and apply to it. 


If you need help finding the best program for you, make sure your profile is 100% updated to get a customized browsing experience based on your preferences. 


Don’t forget to follow Educatly for more about studying abroad.

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