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5 Tips on How to Give a Great Presentation and Be Confident

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Public speaking is a unique skill that some people have, and they are not born with it! They just worked a little bit to develop this skill. Presenting with confidence is a really doable skill that anyone can develop, and Educatly is here to tell you how to do it to excel in your study abroad program!


The 5 top tips on how to give a great presentation:

1. Practice… a lot! 

This one might seem obvious and repetitive, but the more you practice the presentation before its official day, the more ‘normal’ it will become! And that is not a bad thing in this case. Being 100% familiar with the material will make you more confident with the fact that you “can” present. Therefore, you will actually feel confident while presenting.  


2. Visualize yourself as a public speaker

Imagine that you are an accomplished public speaker. Literally, close your eyes and try to visualize this. Imagine that you are talking to a large crowd without being scared, and everybody is looking at you and is pleased with what you are saying. This helps a lot of public speakers, and of course, you can consider using breathing exercises or positive affirmations!


3. Stretching and power poses


how to give a great presentation


Do you know that deep stretching really helps with confidence in general? Stretching will make your body feel good, making you relaxed and relieved. Therefore, you will feel more confident and relaxed while speaking. Making yourself more comfortable in front of an audience can help you look at the fear of public speaking as an opportunity.


4. Meet your audience before your presentation

Before actually getting to the process of presenting, maybe connect a little bit, if possible, with your audience. Having some little chit-chat and light giggles with your audience will give you the vibe that the audience is somehow your friend. This will help you with your fear. Maybe when you see that these people are actually nice and they are looking forward to listening to what you are saying, you will feel more confident. 


5- Get excited! 

Look at this presentation as an opportunity to show the world what you have to say. You never know how many people will feel inspired by your presentation. So you should really get excited to show people your work and efforts!


Finally, praise yourself for being fearless and getting out of your comfort zone. This is what it takes to be a successful international student, so celebrate!


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