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How to Balance Work, School & Life: 5 Things Stopping You

Preparing yourself
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Balancing your life might seem like a hard task to do, especially if you have a busy schedule. What makes it even harder is when you’re unable to fit your social life and hobbies simultaneously into your schedule. But there’s really no reason to worry. Educatly is, as always, here to help you! 


We’re gonna walk you through the ultimate DON'TS if you want to balance all aspects of your life.


How to balance work, school & life:

1. DON'T pull all-nighters

You are mistaken if you believe that studying all night and all morning is more important than sleeping. Studying continuously while denying your brain time to process the new material does not help. All-nighters will leave you completely drained. It’s a very bad idea, so don’t do it.


2. DON’T skip work or tasks

If you need a sick day, take a sick day! Ask your manager at work or your professor at university for a sick day. Don’t be that employee or that student who is always late leaves early, never finishes their tasks, and skips frequently. If you work a job or if you have any tasks, be committed and truly give yourself the rest you deserve.


3. DON’T refrain from asking for help 

Visit the health facility for medical or mental health advice, ask your professor, manager, or work colleagues any questions, and seek help. Don’t assume you know enough and attend tutoring sessions or workshops. It might help to know that their professors value students who make an extra effort to attend office hours!


How to Balance Work, School & Life


4. DON’T forget about your planner 

Planning and organizing everything is the best thing that you can do for yourself. Do yourself a favor and purchase a planner or even download a planning mobile app. Either way, you need to put your tasks in front of you; that will help you be more organized and clarify everything. 


5. DON’T live in a mess

This stands true both metaphorically and literally. Your mental health will suffer if you allow your living space, your notes, or your planner to become disorganized. So don't let things pile up. Tidy up your space in order to focus.


Finally, having many tasks means you are utilizing your skills to grow! It also means that you have a very interesting life, so really enjoy it and celebrate your achievements. 


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