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5 of The Safest Countries to Study Abroad This Year

Preparing yourself
Study Abroad
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After you finally decide to study abroad, get ready to make a couple of other important decisions. It’s very exciting to start your higher education path, and the process might seem tough… but it won’t be when you know Educatly has got your back. Your first step will be easy: choose what to study and where to travel. We’ll cover the rest, from your application to your visa and accommodation.


The country's safety is one of the most important aspects when deciding where to study abroad. It's important to know the crime rates of the country you want to study abroad and all about the environment and discrimination against foreigners. To help you choose a safe country to study abroad, we made a list of 5 of the safest countries to study abroad in 2023.


Safest Countries to Study Abroad


The 5 Safest Countries to Study Abroad:

1. Canada

In North America, Canada is known for its low levels of crime as well as higher-than-average environmental quality! A stable political environment and inclusive society offer a secure and welcoming atmosphere. The country's robust legal system, social welfare programs, and commitment to human rights contribute to its reputation as a safe haven for individuals from diverse backgrounds.


Canada's strong emphasis on public safety, effective law enforcement, and strict gun control measures further enhance its safety profile. The country's multiculturalism also fosters an inclusive environment, promoting acceptance and diversity.


While no place is entirely risk-free, Canada's overall safety record and dedication to creating a secure environment make it an excellent choice for foreigners seeking peace of mind and a stable living experience. You can choose from a multitude of universities in Canada to study in, and browse through multiple programs in Canada in Canada to find your bachelor’s, master’s, or PhDs and pick the perfect one for you.


2. New Zealand

If you ever want to live on an island that looks straight out of a dream (or out of a Lord of The Rings movie), this is where you should go. New Zealand is highly safe for foreigners. It boasts low crime rates, political stability, and a welcoming society. The country's strict gun control laws and effective law enforcement contribute to its safety record. New Zealand prioritizes social welfare, providing accessible healthcare and education for all residents, including foreigners. Its multiculturalism fosters inclusivity, making it a safe and accepting destination.


New Zealand's safety measures and peaceful environment make it a desirable choice for foreigners seeking a secure and enjoyable experience. Choose from the more than 100 programs offered at the University of Auckland or the University of Canterbury International College. Be it a business program, civil engineering, computer science, or more. You will be living your best (and safest) life there.


3. Australia

Australia is known for being safe and secure for foreigners. It has a low crime rate and a strong legal system. The country has well-trained law enforcement agencies and prioritizes public safety. Australia's strict gun control laws contribute to its safety record. However, as with any destination, it's important to exercise caution and follow basic safety guidelines.


Overall, Australia provides a welcoming and secure environment for foreigners to live, work, and explore. Choose among some of the best Australian Universities and hundreds of programs in Australia, and study in one of the most mesmerizing and safest countries in the world.


4. Switzerland

With a stable political environment and low crime rates, Switzerland also has a well-functioning legal system and efficient law enforcement agencies. Switzerland's commitment to public safety is reflected in its well-maintained infrastructure and strict regulations. The country has a reputation for security, low levels of violence, and efficient emergency services, making it a safe and desirable destination for foreigners.


The amazing European country also has high levels of equality (plus amazing internship salaries)! Apply to EU Business School and select one of 75+ programs. It can be anything from a bachelor’s degree in arts, digital business, design, and innovation or a master’s in tourism management!


5. UAE

The Middle Eastern United Arab of Emirates maintains a low crime rate and takes strict measures to ensure public safety. It has a robust infrastructure, efficient emergency services, and effective surveillance systems. Plus, the country prioritizes security and has a well-established law enforcement system. However, it's always advisable to exercise caution and be aware of local customs and regulations, even though the UAE has so many ex-pats living there, and they report the country as highly safe!


There are many top universities in the UAE and 350+ programs in the UAE, where you can browse through many types of degrees in all kinds of fields: robotics, statistical data science, interior design to even social media diplomas!


With a huge variety of programs, universities, and career options, the world is yours! Plus, telling your parents you want to study abroad will become a much easier when you share with them the opportunities in the world's safest countries to study abroad. 


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