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Here are the 6 Most Affordable Countries to Study Abroad

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If your biggest worry about studying abroad is the tuition cost… this blog is made just for you.


Contrary to popular belief, there are a lot of countries and cities that are affordable, even in Europe. So, finding a country with affordable tuition costs and cost of living is possible. It’s important to feel comfortable while studying abroad in a new country; the only stress you should feel should be because of exams! That’s why it's very important to plan and consider the financial part for a carefree experience.


Most Affordable Countries to Study Abroad


So, let’s get started!


Here Are the Most Affordable Countries to Study Abroad

1. Germany

Germany is a great country to study abroad in. With its international community, high quality of life, and education, its affordable living costs are just the cherry on top! Educatly offers you 170+ study abroad programs in Germany, whether a bachelor’s degree, master’s, or a short course! You can choose from 10+ different universities as well. And the best part? The tuition cost starts at 2,500 euros per semester!


2. Poland

Poland is one of the best countries to live in. Why? Because it’s super affordable. International students there don’t struggle with finance as they have low tuition (starting at 4,000 euros/year), living, and accommodation costs. Pick your bachelor’s or master’s degree program from 360+ programs in Poland that Educatly offers. Now. Come on, do it.


3. Malaysia 

Aside from the fact that everyone there speaks English, the amazing weather, and the paradisiacal island life, the culture there is so rich. Furthermore, the low tuition costs are a desirable addition (we are talking as affordable as 5,000 USD/year!). Whether you want to take your diploma, master’s, or Ph.D, Educatly has it. Select your favorite program from amongst 3,000+ programs in 9 different universities! Plus, out of all the options shared so far, this is the most affordable cost of living.


4. Spain

Spain has the best European cuisines, amazing historical sites, and inexpensive large cities. Study business, science, or hospitality management. Pick your preferred study abroad program in Spain from 300 programs offered to you by 21 diverse universities. Educatly is here to make it easier for you!

5. Turkey 

Turkey might be your perfect study-abroad destination if you have a tight budget. Tuition fees are as low as 2,000 USD/year, with every major available! You can mingle with their international community and eat their world-recognized delicious food while living a low-cost lifestyle. Check out over 15+ opportunities available in Turkey.


6. Hungary

The people are friendly; It has high-ranking universities, and the living expenses are great for students. Budapest, especially, stands out! Choose from 30+ different bachelor’s, master’s, and Ph.D. programs in Budapest (with tuition costs starting at 2,000 euros per semester) to really help you get into that Hungarian mood.


There are over 4,000+ programs in the most affordable countries to study abroad for you to choose from. Sign up to Educatly and update your profile to get a personalized browsing experience and filter through all our study abroad programs worldwide.


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