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Now, studying abroad in Germany, especially Munich, is easier than ever. With Educatly you can study at Munich Business School for affordable tuition fees.


Study at Munich’s Top Business School

Munich’s top business school is welcoming international students this September to get their master’s degrees from Germany. This master’s is internationally accredited and opens so many doors to job opportunities at multinational companies, where you’ll get salaries way more than what you paid. Especially when you apply with us and get a discounted price.


Munich is where you can live a high-quality life, free of pollution and prejudice and full of safety. You can live an affordable and comfortable life in Munich, make some awesome friends, and enjoy the amazing natural scenery.


Munich’s Top Business School


Munich Business School is currently the best private school in Germany. With huge partnerships with Google, Meta, and Microsoft, students enjoy internships and job offers after graduation. But don’t be mistaken and think this is the only edge you would have as a Munich Business School student… No. For your master’s, you can take three semesters in Munich and your fourth semester in a partner university where you can study in Florida in the USA or Shanghai in China, getting a dual degree.


There’s more good news. Your tuition fees can be paid in monthly installments or other payment plans that you pay per semester or monthly. It’s good to know that if you use Educatly’s discount, a semester would cost €7,200 instead of €8,000!


We’ll stop giving you teasers and break it to you.

  • 1. All your classes at Munich Business School would be in English, whether it’s a bachelor’s or a master’s!
  • 2. You can start this September, and if there are delays in the visa, you can start online and then move to Germany later.
  • 3. A master’s degree is 2 years long (as you probably already know)
  • 4. The school accepts all bachelor’s degrees.
  • 5. Not to repeat ourselves, but how can we not? You get a 10% discount through Educatly.


What’s the best part, you ask? It’s that all you need to apply is to have an IELTS score of no less than 6.5 or a TOEFL score higher than 85. If you’re eligible, then the next step for you would be to apply before the 15th of August, and the school will even help you with a visa letter. 


Here are some of Munich Business School’s best programs:

  • 1. Master's in International Business (from €24,000 to €21,600) 
  • 2. Master's in Innovation and Entrepreneurship (from €24,000 to €21,600)
  • 3. Master's in International Marketing and Brand Management (from €24,000 to €21,600)
  • 4. Master's in Sports Business and Communication (from €24,000 to €21,600)
  • 5. MBA full-time (from €32,000 to €28,800)
  • 6. MBA part-time (from €32,000 to €28,800)


A master’s program like the International Business master’s would skyrocket your career. You’d be working on a real company project, sharpening your skills and gaining professional experience. You can apply to it now or check out a variety of other programs, such as pre-bachelor’s, pre-master’s, bachelor’s, and Ph.Ds programs. 


Are you looking for a first-class study program? What about a rewarding career? If you’re interested in starting a successful career, Munich Business School is the way to go. It’s where you’ll enjoy a 0% unemployment rate, and shape your future!


Don’t forget to sign up to educatly and follow us for more on studying abroad, education, and careers.

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