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The UK vs. the USA: Where to Study Abroad? (A Detailed Comparison)

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Being confused about where to study abroad is the best kind of dilemma because no matter where you choose to study abroad, it’s going to come with its benefits. Especially if you go to the United Kingdom or the United States of America. But which should you choose? Educatly will tell you the pros and cons of the UK and the USA. This detailed comparison will discuss education, programs, universities, activities, lifestyle, safety, and the job market.


Let’s get into it.


Education in the UK vs the USA

1. The duration of each degree varies in both countries.

In the UK, a bachelor’s takes 3 years, a master’s takes 1, and a Ph.D. could take from 3 to 7 years. In the USA, a bachelor’s takes 4 years, a master’s takes 2, and a Ph.D. could take from 5 to 8 years. Evidently, everything is longer in the USA.


2. The admissions processes are different.

Applying to a university in the UK, you’ll submit your applications through UCAS, an organization that handles the application process for British universities. You’ll prepare your documents, submit your grades, and write one personal statement that’s going to be sent to all universities you want. In the USA, you must apply to each university independently and go through its admissions process, so it takes longer, diverse statements and many documents.


3. Tuition fees are not the same in the UK and the USA.

In the UK, getting a higher education degree is cheaper than in the USA. Yearly tuition fees in the UK for international students start from 10,000 Euros, which is around 10,175 US Dollars. Meanwhile, international students' tuition fees in the USA are 22,698 US Dollars a year on average.


4. When studying abroad in either country, finding accommodation differs.

Universities in the UK usually offer student halls or private accommodations to their students. In the USA, students find their accommodation on their own and usually find a shared dorm to live with other students. 


The UK vs the USA


Activities in the UK vs the USA

When in the UK, you can pay a visit to the Tower of London, Buckingham Palace, and Stonehenge, have some fun and have a Harry Potter Tour in Warner Bros. Studio, or visit the London Eye. Spend your days exploring the streets of the UK, the national parks, restaurants, and pubs!


When in the USA, you can visit many great sites, such as the Grand Canyon, the Statue of Liberty, Times Square, Hawaii’s beach, and much more. You can enjoy music concerts, movie premieres, nightlife, art galleries, Broadway, or even go to Disneyland and Universal Studio.


Lifestyle and Safety in the UK vs the USA

In the UK, racism and discrimination based on gender, sexual orientation, or disability are illegal. Having diverse cultures, the people are respectful accepting, and very friendly. When it comes to safety, the police force is highly trained and helpful. Not even all police officers are armed, as the UK takes gun control very strictly. So, the UK is a very safe country and has a high state of peace and low crime rates. Moreover, healthcare and medical services are free for everyone, including international students.


Opposite to the UK’s strict gun control, all Americans can purchase a gun. In the USA, you’re 52 times more likely to die from being shot in the USA than in the UK. The USA is relatively safe. However, it could be dangerous sometimes. When it comes to the lifestyle in the USA, there’s a lot of diversity in America, and people really advocate freedom of choice. Americans are friendly, party people, and very generous and independent.


Job Market in the UK vs the USA

1. Job opportunities are abundant in the UK in diverse industries. There are many job opportunities in the USA as well, especially in the STEM field, but overall, not as many as in the UK.


2. Salaries in both countries are different. Since the living costs in the UK are lower than in the USA, salaries are also lower. However, US citizens pay a lot of taxes and more money to live a comfortable life, while UK citizens don’t.


3. Benefits and work culture in the UK win, as employees get from 20 to 30 paid days off, while in America, they can hardly get 10 days off. On average, UK citizen works 36.4 hours per week, according to a 2021 study.  Another study in the same year about the USA concluded that an average American works around 37.5 hours per week. However, the United Kingdom ranked 11th in a list of countries with the best work-life balance, and the USA came in 23rd.


 in the UK vs the USA


So which is it? Are you team UK or USA?


We know that choosing your study abroad destination could be stressful. After all, it’s going to shape your whole life, and that’s why it’s very important and that’s why it could be hard. However, Educatly is always here to help you choose. We offer you diverse blogs to read about whichever country you want to travel to, fields to study, or the job opportunities different majors provide you.


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