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The Best Part-Time Bachelor's Degrees in 5 Diverse Fields

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It doesn’t matter if the stars didn’t align for you and you didn't have the chance and time to be a full-time student for your bachelor’s. Such traditional ideas don’t matter anymore. The world is exciting and there are so many alternatives and options for us to choose from.  At Educatly we can help you find a part-time bachelor’s degree, and make sure it fits into your schedule!


Discover the best part-time bachelor’s degree programs in 5 of the top fields out there:


1. Business and Management

This bachelor’s degree lets you work many different jobs in the same field! You can work as a management analyst at a bank or at a fashion company. You can start your own company or work at a multi-billion-dollar company. There are so many options for jobs and specializations! Educatly has diverse programs from many universities around the world for studying business part-time. Check them out and select your favourite.


2. Computer Sciences and IT

We can connect you to 21 different programs, from games programming, and information technology, to computer science. Study in Dublin, London, or Bolton, as there are a couple of universities that will give you the best education. Of course, the best thing about it is that you can do it part-time, while you work on the side, simultaneously achieving all your goals.


Part-Time Bachelors Degree


3. Engineering and Technology 

This field is diverse, and honestly, it’s the future. You can study civil, electrical, motorsport engineering, mechatronics, or biomedical and bio-industrial sciences. From 40 programs provided by a lot of universities in Ireland and the United Kingdom, select your preferred program for a future filled with job opportunities!


4. Medicine and health

Here’s another field that opens many doors for you. You can get a bachelor’s in health and social care, nursing, pharmaceutical sciences, or therapeutic counselling. What’s better than getting a bachelor’s degree to literally help people while maintaining a flexible personal schedule? Here are 36 programs to pick your favourite, offered by many universities from the UK, USA, and Ireland.


5. Architecture and Arts- Design

If you’re a natural artist, this is the field for you. Study the history of art, animation, illustration, sculpture, or theatre and drama. Educatly has for you 15 various programs from 9 universities in the UK and USA. Your dream job is waiting for you, all you have to do is apply.


These are 5 of the top leading fields to get into RIGHT NOW. The future holds so much for you once you choose to take your part-time bachelor’s degree with Educatly!


Educatly is here to help you study abroad. Select your favourite out of more than 250 part-time, bachelor’s degree programs that Educatly offersOr just sign up to Educatly and update your profile to get a personalized browsing experience through our programs.


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