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6 Amazing Careers for Design Degree Holders

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If you’re a creative person who likes to imagine possibilities, this is for you. If you like to create art and bring ordinary items to life through art, Educatly has got you. For all artists and creatives, designing is for YOU!


Now, you can study design in all its different forms and find a variety of careers to thrive in and grow. Educatly offers you more than 1000 design programs. Whether you want to take a diploma, bachelor’s, master’s, or Ph.D., it’s all available. In case you wanna study fashion, graphic, industrial, interior, user experience, or environmental design, just take a look at Educatly’s programs


The cherry on top is that all our programs are abroad! Now, you can specialize in design and study abroad in one of 190 universities around the world: Italy, the United Kingdom, Spain, Malaysia, Lithuania, the United States of America, Poland, and the United Arab Emirates.


There’s no need to think about what careers the future holds for you because there are plenty of opportunities. 


Here are 6 careers for design degree holders:

1. Fashion designer

This one is for all fashionistas who just thrive on creating outfits and checking out what Hollywood is wearing. This is your time to learn all about sketching, fabric and accessories materials, and of course, fashion history. If you don’t get to be the next Giorgio Armani, the highest-paid fashion designer, then you’ll be making an average of $70,000 a year.


2. Photographer

If taking photographs is your passion, then studying design is the road to take. You’ll be studying photography, how to edit photos, and learn all about coloring, visual effects, and the power of lights. When you’re a senior photographer, you will be making more than $82,000 a year. Even better, you might be the next Morgan Norman.


Careers for Design Degree Holders


3. Advertising manager

Aside from knowing all about marketing and sales, a deep understanding of photography, visual art, and art history is essential. You can be an advertising manager by studying design, and you could make up to $110,000 a year. Needless to say, an internationally accredited degree will provide countless opportunities.


4. Graphic designer

If you’re into design and technology, this is the career for you. Graphic designers study typography, color theory, layout, graphic design history, and everything about design software and tools. You’ll need to understand marketing and mix it with your artistic and technical skills. You can make up to $55,000 a year as a graphic designer.


5. Film & video editor

If you love telling stories, art, and films, this is the path for you. As a film or video editor, you will need to know all about the film industry and its theory. Moreover, you will need to acquire the technical and software skills to manipulate footage. Film editors can make up to $45,000 a year. And who knows, maybe you’ll be an Oscar nominee one day.


6. Art director

Art directors are jacks of all trades. To be an art director, you need to understand graphic design, photo and video editing, photography, illustration, and more. You’ll lead a diverse team of artists, doing a little of everything. The average yearly salary of an art director is around $120,000.


With as many careers for design degree holders, you'll never experience a day of unemployment in your life.


What are you waiting for? You can study to have your dream job, and even better, you can work towards your dream job while studying abroad. Just Sign up to Educatly and select your favorite design program to study abroad


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