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Does Studying Abroad Increase Job Opportunities? Here're 9 Ways it Does

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We’re sure you’ve heard the rumour that in the eyes of recruiters, those who have studied abroad are the most attractive. We're also sure that if you've ever talked about studying abroad with your parents, and wondered yourself, "Does studying abroad increase job opportunities?" or you’ve said something along the lines of, “But research shows that studying abroad has countless benefits. Like getting hired for better jobs!” While you might have said that without actually doing your research, you’re actually not wrong at all. Studying abroad doesn’t only help you heal your wanderlust soul, but also helps your career drastically.


Sometimes, studying abroad could teach you more than the actual program you're studying! The daily experiences you will go through will make you stand out from the crowd. Don’t take my word for it, take the word of the 82% of employers who believe that travelling makes you more suitable for a job. Is this even a surprise, though? If we look at the fast-growing, globalized environment we live in, it makes sense that having worldwide exposure is more important now than ever.


So, if you’re still wondering how studying abroad will help you get the job of your dreams, keep reading.


Here are 9 Ways Studying Abroad Increases Job Opportunities:


1. Studying abroad will make you an entrepreneur

Yes, after studying abroad and seizing the travel opportunities that it offers, you will become more aware of the world and its issues. You will be exposed to very different lifestyles, cultures, and mindsets. You might even meet people who have followed their dreams, and it will inspire and empower you to follow yours.


2. Studying abroad will make you a rockstar at managing stress

After your study abroad experience, you can leave stress behind and focus on what’s important. The more you deal with stressful situations, the easier it gets to cope and handle them. Oh, and working under pressure? That’s my master's, ma’am.


3. Studying abroad will make you more independent

By the time you've finished your studies abroad, you will have already proved to yourself over and over that you could do it on your own. You've probably already learned to rely on yourself and face all kinds of challenges. The independence that you gain in that year (or semester) of your studies will make you far more responsible and attract job opportunities.


4. Studying abroad will make you a problem-solving master

Every problem you’ve faced during your experience, every situation you’ve had to deal with, has made your brain think of difficulties in a completely different way, and that is solid gold for employers.


Does Studying Abroad Increase Job Opportunities


5. Studying abroad will make you adaptable

Studying abroad, you’ll slowly start noticing how adaptable you are becoming. You won’t look at routine or the comfort of your home the same way. You will learn to love challenges, adopt a constructive mentality, and learn from your mistakes. Waking up in a new country, with a new language, or sharing a room with 6 people in a hostel? Easy. Starting work at a new office, or having to learn something new? With my eyes closed. Finding the light switch in each one of the hostel bathrooms while you travel? Oh no… Now you’ve been through everything.


6. Studying abroad will improve your cultural understanding (even about your own culture)

"Cultural awareness" is the best phrase you can tell a recruiter. Understanding different cultures’ norms and behaviours will make you extremely valuable in any business environment, and it won't be hard to do. As you adapt to a new culture, you'll be able to see things from their perspectives and understand where they’re coming from. Leaving your comfort zone might even make you question your own norms and customs. So forget about the prejudice against other cultures, as you'll be picking up some new customs and habits from others!


7. Studying abroad will give you connections around the world

The friendships you build during your time abroad will become beneficial contacts in the future and open your world to many more opportunities abroad.


8. Studying abroad will give you the best communication skills

Talking to ‘strangers’ (who become friends, very fast) is going to be a part of your daily routine, especially on those weekend trips you'll take. You will meet so many new people that you end up loving talking to new people — yes, even the small talk. Recruiters will treasure you for this, and you’ll be able to talk with clients and co-workers with ease and in a confident manner. Plus, you’ll fit right in with your colleagues.


9. Studying abroad will make you learn a new language

Any employer values language skills. Whether you’ve learned it or picked up a few words to have a conversation, it will help you stand out from the crowd. Besides, once you’ve learned a new language it will be much easier to pick up other ones!


So, when asked, does studying abroad increases job opportunities, the answer is yes! We all know that studying abroad and travelling are two of the most rewarding experiences a person can have. Those who choose not to do it (when the opportunity arises) end up regretting not taking the chance.


If you’re looking to study abroad to attract job opportunities, but don’t know where to start, head to the most popular study-abroad portal at the moment, Educatly. Sign up and update your profile to get a customized browsing experience and explore more than 37,000 study abroad programs. We will help you with everything!


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