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7 Most Popular Majors Among Our Students

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The time to choose your university major is the time to explore and grow as a student. You can do whatever your heart desires with the freedom to pick your own studies and courses. While each student has their own unique goals and ambitions, some trends have emerged in terms of the most popular majors among our students. 


So we’re here to explore Educatly students’ favorable majors, why they're so appealing, and what kind of career opportunities they may open up after graduation. So whether you're just starting your college journey or are already looking ahead to life after school, let's find out the most popular majors among our students!


Educatly Students’ Favourite and Most Popular Majors

1. Business & Management

Business & management is one of the most popular majors among our students. More than 550 students a year ask about its programs. This is likely because it is a versatile degree that teaches a lot of valuable skills and leads to many different types of careers.


Popular Majors


A business & management student could work in project management, human resources, sales, operations, accounting, financial management, marketing, business administration, and much more.


2. Medicine & Health

Our students love medicine and health! Over 500 students request to know more about medicine and health programs, and it’s for a good reason. For starters, health workers are highly in demand, and it’s a very respected job that can positively impact the world and save lives. 


This field’s career prospects are fascinating. Aside from the fact that you can practice, become a researcher, or teach, there are many specialties you can choose from or diversify. Not to mention the financial benefits.


3. Engineering & Technology

This field is so broad that it’s bound to be popular. More than 400 students approach us yearly, looking for engineering and technology opportunities abroad. This field is very promising and will never go out of style. While engineering and technology students acquire important business and life skills, they will also become a part of something essential to our modern life. 


This degree leads to diverse career options such as architecture, electrical engineering, civil engineering, mechanical engineering and more, computer science and engineering, software development, and many other careers.


4. Computer & IT

Yearly, a little over 380 students look for computer & IT programs with Educatly. It’s because the field of computer and information technology is constantly evolving. As new technologies emerge and new applications are developed, professionals are needed to design, develop, implement, and manage these projects.


As a computer & IT student, you get the chance to work as a web developer, UX designer, mobile app developer, IT project manager, systems architect, and a few more jobs. Not to mention, you’ll make a good amount of money and never experience unemployment.


5. English Studies

Maybe the reason why 300+ students ask to study English abroad is that it is an excellent way to improve your language skills for your future career. Or maybe it’s to better understand the language and its various dialects and be exposed to different cultures and ways of life.


Popular Majors


Depending on your interests and goals post-graduation, you will find different career options. For example, you could become a journalist, copywriter, teacher, tourist, or even work in international communications. After learning the world's dominant language and getting your degree in English studies, the sky is the limit!


6. Architecture & Arts

The booming field never fails to attract students, as over 250 students desire to check out architecture & arts study abroad programs. It’s a very creative and fulfilling field, and one can specialize in many different areas, such as landscape architecture, interior design, or even historic preservation. And no matter what area you choose to specialize in, you’ll have a comfortable and financially stable life.


After graduation, you could work in a top architectural firm as an architectural technologist, interior designer, town planner, production designer, or historic building inspector. You can even start your own art or architecture studio or work in government or education, using your skills to help shape the built environment around you. 


7. Marketing

Maybe if marketing wasn’t such an impressive field, there wouldn’t be more than 200 students yearly dreaming of studying it. There are many reasons to study marketing and diversify one's career afterward. For starters, marketing is essential for any business or organization wanting to succeed in today's environment. Secondly, marketing is a highly creative discipline, allowing individuals to utilize their imagination and creativity to effect change. 


As a marketing degree holder, you can work in advertising and public relations, digital marketing, and market research, meaning that there are plenty of opportunities for those with a marketing qualification!


What are you waiting for? Sign up to Educatly and browse through our programs, and our admissions team will contact you once you update your profile!


Your journey abroad starts now.

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