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16 Creative Degrees to Take in Dubai This Year

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You can now study abroad in Dubai at one of the world’s leading global institutions in creative media education, the SAE Institute.


Living in Dubai means you’ll have friends from all over the world, enjoy the entrepreneurial mindset of the city and live in one of the most up-and-coming locations in the world! When it comes to studying in Dubai, the city has some truly outstanding universities. However, SAE is second to none.


The Best  Creative Degrees to Take in Dubai

The SAE Institute has been hard at work for 40 years, and there’s no plan to stop soon. Established in Sydney, Australia, SAE now has 47 campuses in 23 different countries. Now you can attend SAE Institute in Dubai and apply easily, with just a few clicks with your Educatly profile.


The SAE Insitute offers all creatives industry-focused, practical, and theoretical educational options. Being an institution of creative media education, its bachelor's, short courses, and diplomas are all targeting artistic individuals. The Institute excels thanks to its advanced equipment and facilities, as well as its wide variety of programs, including what they call "adaptive degree programs". That’s not all it stands out for; it’s actually 5-star rated for its international and local industry network, international pathways, facilities, internationalization, employability, arts, and culture. 


Creative Degrees to Take in Dubai


Anyone above the age of 17 with a high school diploma can apply now or request more information about SAE Institute and enjoy taking their bachelor's or diploma in one of the many creative fields they offer.


Take your bachelor’s at the SAE Institute in:

1. Audio
2. Film
3. Animation
4. Game development
5. Design and visual communication


Take your short course at the SAE Institute in:

1. Videography (3,500 AED total)
2. 3D Animation (4,000 AED total)
3. Graphic design (5,000 AED total)
4. Video editing (3,500 AED total)
5. Introduction to DJ (4,000 AED total)
6. Electronic music production (4,000 AED total)
7. Audio engineering (4,500 AED total)
8. Games development (4,500 AED total)
9. Social media content creation (3,000 AED total)


Or take a diploma in augmented and virtual reality


Choose whichever program you prefer to extend your knowledge and experience. An exciting offer is that students with an 85% score or more are qualified for a scholarship of up to AED 15,000 for their bachelor's.


Living and studying in Dubai (or Abu Dhabi for the short courses) might be what you need to advance your career and experience abroad.


Sign up to Educatly now, and apply directly to SAE Dubai, or request more information from our expert consultants!


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