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8 Remarkable Reasons to Study Abroad in Canada

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We all know Canada is a popular international student destination due to their high-quality education. So, when studying abroad, Canada is exactly what you should be looking for. However, there are many more reasons to study abroad in Canada, including the fantastic programs you can study there. Educatly is going to tell you all about studying in Canada!


Here are 8 reasons to study abroad in Canada:

1. Canada is an English-speaking country, so you'll get by comfortably as a fluent English speaker. You'll also get to practice your language skills.

2. It's affordable, safe, clean with minimum pollution, and has great healthcare as well.

3. In Canada, you’ll have the chance to work part-time while studying, on-campus or outside campus.

4. Applying for a post-graduation work permit after getting your internationally accredited degree is a possibility.

5. You can easily apply for a residency card in Canada.

6. Canadians are very welcoming and friendly. 

7. With many immigrants, Canada prides itself on being a country of diversity, so you will meet many people with different backgrounds and make new friends.

8. There are more than 600 diverse programs to study abroad in Canada that Educatly can connect you to. Offered by 20 of the best universities in Canada, you can select the program that fits you the most and apply to it with ease.


Reasons to Study Abroad in Canada


Get your bachelor’s degree:

Choose your favorite bachelor’s program among more than 340 programs in Canada. There are a variety of options available for you! You can study science, interior design, counseling psychology, business administration, fine arts, visual arts, sociology, philosophy, French, finance, engineering, biology, medicine, and more! Just check them out and make up your mind.


Get your master’s degree

With 200 master’s degree programs in Canada, you can pick out whatever you like, and get ready to study abroad. You can get your master’s in science, education, business administration, management, musicology, data analytics, visual arts, psychology, geology, journalism and communications, neuroscience, nuclear engineering, law, and many others. With a lot of options, the world is yours.


Get your Ph.D. degree

You can study at the University of Prince Edward Island and choose among 28 Ph.D. degrees in Canada. Get your doctoral degree in environmental sciences, psychology, philosophy in educational sciences, molecular and macromolecular sciences, and veterinary medicine in health management, pathology & microbiology, or biomedical sciences. It would be the start of an amazing career.

A diverse collection of degrees, programs, universities, and reasons to study abroad in Canada exists. Don't miss the chance and sign up to Educatly and filter through all our study abroad programs in Canada to choose your favorite program. Or update your profile to get a customized browsing experience.


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