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Study Culinary Arts Abroad & Be The Next Gordon Ramsay

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If you love the art of making food, then this one is for you. Educatly can connect you to many culinary arts programs abroad to choose from, and the rewards of studying culinary arts abroad and getting a degree are magnificent.


The food industry is growing, so as a food lover, you’ll find your place in the world. If you love traveling, you wouldn’t need to worry because this degree will enable you to get a job anywhere in the world in the finest cuisines and places. Study abroad culinary, and you will be able to share your artistic meals with the world and indulge in different cultures through learning about their foods! 


It also entails learning about sustenance and how a dish is a piece of art on its own. Maybe you can have your own restaurant one day, and know all about professional culinary techniques. Not to mention the various job opportunities you will have with this degree, be it a bachelor’s or master's degree.


Here are 10 jobs you can get if you study culinary arts abroad:

1. A Restaurant or personal chef
2. Nutritionist
3. Food broker & buyer
4. Food media specialist
5. Food stylist
6. Caterer
7. Institutional food service manager
8. Cruise ship staff
9. Cooking school instructor
10. Hospitality manager


Study Culinary Arts Abroad


Educatly can connect you to many programs in the top countries when considering culinary arts study abroad programs.


Here are 15 diverse programs in 6 of the top countries in the world:


Malaysia: Take a diploma in culinary arts in Malaysia now and immerse yourself in culture and tasteful arts.


Turkey: Apply for a bachelor’s or master’s in gastronomy and culinary arts and get the chance to study in Turkey, the home of Eastern Mediterranean food. 


The UK: Study abroad food science and innovation to know how the taste and feel of food form, giving you an amazing edge over all amateur cooks!


Greece: Get your bachelor’s of professional culinary arts in Greece, where food influenced Europe and the Middle East.


Ireland: Study culinary science, culinary innovation & food product development, culinary arts, and more. Select your program in Ireland, and study abroad now.


The USA: Get your bachelor’s degree in culinary arts abroad in America, where job demand is growing by 25% in the next 8 years!


You can sign up to Educatly, and select your favorite program and destination to study abroad. We’re connecting you to 7 different universities worldwide to study culinary arts and all their forms. Browse through our study abroad programs and apply now to be the next Gordon Ramsay!


You can also follow Educatly for more about studying abroad and education.

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