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7 Attractive Jobs for a Master’s in Human Resources Degree Holder

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Right off the bat, let me tell you that this master’s degree can pass you from a role in human resources (HR) to a human resources manager, which means that you’ll be making on average $50,000 more than a human resources specialist! If you’re ready to kick start your professional life with a master’s degree in human resources, this is the time. And don’t worry, Educatly has got for you 70 different human resources master’s programs in the USA, Germany, Spain, the UK, Ireland, and more.


There’s no way you’d experience a day of unemployment with this degree. There are so many well-paying jobs for a master’s in human resources degree holder. And the cool thing is that being from a different background, nationality, and culture is a plus to get you a job abroad in HR. How amazing is that?!


The best jobs for a master's in human resources degree holder:

1. Compensation and Benefits Manager

The job description includes designing compensation packages and employee benefit programs, as well as helping the company hunt for the most skilled employees. It also means you’d be analyzing the financial data of the business, like salaries, costs, and such. This one is kind of for numbers lovers.


2. Employee Recruitment and Staffing Specialist

The main job would be to manage and organize the company’s recruitment process. That also includes acquiring potential talents to hire, as well as overviewing the interviewing process. This one is for all of you who have a good eye to see people's hidden talents.


3. Training and Development Specialists

The job means creating and planning training and coaching programs for all employees. That is to help them develop their soft skills and grow. This is for people who love empowering people and guiding them on how to reach their goals.


Jobs for a Master’s in Human Resources Degree Holder


4. International Human Resources Associate

The job description includes keeping records and data of applications and resumes. As well as following through with the enrollment process for new employees. This one is for the kind of people that constantly have 100 tabs open on their computer (I notice you because it takes one to know one.)


5. Change Management Specialist

This specialist develops strategies, plans, and organizes the work to reach new goals. In addition to actually executing the plans and implementing change. This one is for those who just love to make plans, presentations, and things happen!


6. Human Resource Manager

A human resources manager needs to plan, organize, and manage the whole department. They need to supervise a huge part of the HR department, from recruiting, training, conflict resolution, budget, and benefits. The manager is a communication channel between the employees and top management. This one is for the born and made leaders.


7. Human Resources Director

A director is different from a manager, as they plan and organize as well, but they’re more concerned with the policies and the staff and the overall company's strategy. A director would create the business’ policies and make sure they’re followed. As well as, overseeing the retention process, creating the business culture, and following through with implementation. This one is for those who see solutions when facing problems.


That’s not to say this is all there is, the choices are endless! These are 7 of many jobs for a master's in human resources degree holder. Just sign up to Educatly, and update your profile to get a personalized browsing experience. If that's too much work, just browse through our master's in human resources degrees, bachelor's, and Ph.D, and select your favourite program. 


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