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What to Do on Arrival at Your Study Abroad Destination: Here Are 7 Things

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So, you have finally arrived at your study-abroad destination! Now it's time to start your study abroad journey to completely change your life. However, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind as you go through this extraordinary experience, and Educatly is going to guide you step by step through the first things you should do once you arrive at your destination. 


Here's what to do on arrival at your study abroad destination:

1. Take care of your belongings 

Firstly, make sure your bags are marked in some way or recognizable to you so you don’t mix them up with someone else's! Just double-check that the bags are actually yours. Then once you’re home, put your luggage inside a safe place, such as a closet. It could also help if you don’t travel or even take a bus with anything that is valuable to you. 


2. Don’t keep cash on you

A very nice tip we can give you is not to carry much money on you. Keep your money in your bank account, and only have what you need on hand. It also helps to keep your money and items in a small bag to avoid pickpockets. Actually, a waist bag could do wonders!


3- Buy a SIM card

Now it's time to lock your house’s door behind you, put the keys in your waist bag, and go to the nearest telecommunication store and buy a sim card. It's very important to have a way to communicate with people while in your study abroad destination. Just pick a reasonable package and make sure to pay your bills on time.


4- Figure out the transportation

At this point, you need to familiarize yourself with your city's public transportation. Learn all about the bus routes, subway locations, and schedules. Surely you wouldn’t want to waste your money on Uber and taxis. You can even buy yourself a monthly subscription package for public transportation, and make sure that you know what zone you are buying and how much space it covers. 


here's what to do on arrival to your study abroad destination


5- Familiarize yourself with your surroundings 

Next, you should explore your neighborhood and find nearby facilities like grocery stores, laundry, and utility stores. Most importantly, you should absolutely memorize the road to your campus and your home. Try to know your way to campus and your home using public transportation.


6- Save on your phone all emergency numbers

Google the emergency numbers of the country that you are staying in. Hopefully, you won’t need it, but it’s important to be able to call the police, ambulance, your landlord, your classmate, your friend, or even your embassy in case anything happens. 


7- ENJOY!!

This is literally the most important step. You should really try to enjoy each and every second of your stay during this life-changing experience. Always be safe and ready, and don't forget to take a lot of pictures. 


If studying abroad seems like something you want to do, then you should sign up to Educatly. You can browse through more than 44,000 study abroad programs all over the world, choose the most suitable program for you, and apply! 


What's your study abroad destination? Whatever it is, we got it, and when you update your profile, you get to talk to our team, and we will connect you to the program of your choice.


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