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5 Amazing and Fun Things to Do When Studying Abroad

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By now, we all know that studying abroad is one of the most life-changing experiences that you can ever have. The actual educational aspect of this experience is not the only thing that makes studying abroad life-changing; many aspects contribute to this amazing journey. So Educatly is here to share with you some of the best things to do when studying abroad. 


5 Fun Things to Do When Studying Abroad

1. Involve yourself in the community

Firstly, always remember that the advisors at most study abroad programs are eager to assist students to get the most out of their time abroad. With their help, you may discover a whole new world of possibilities you otherwise wouldn't have known about. Extracurricular activities that your adviser can help you find may include activities like volunteering at local clubs, coaching locals in English, or joining a local soccer or hairstyling club! I mean... You never know. All you need to do is be open to trying new things and get your hands dirty.


2. Try Volunteering

You may be surprised to learn that by helping others, you can boost your own happiness levels! Volunteering can also benefit your mental health since it will allow you to use your free time better. Connecting with people and aiding others sounds better than being at home doing nothing. You can only learn new technical skills like cleaning and cooking and bigger ones like learning a new language or even construction techniques through volunteering. So, volunteering abroad for just a few hours per week can impact your life long-term, especially regarding your career and studies!


3. Create a journal or a diary

Everyone handles living in a new country in a different way, and it's important to remember that. Keeping a journal while you're away from home can be a fantastic way to express your thoughts and feelings about what you've seen and done to process your emotions. It's also a terrific opportunity to reminisce about your time at school when you return home. So really, invest some time building this journal up. 


Fun Things to Do When Studying Abroad


4. Explore your city

Exploring on your own in a new place can be more satisfying than doing so with a group of friends. Learning about yourself, discovering your passions, gaining a sense of freedom, and making new friends are all fantastic benefits of traveling. Surely, you will find some hidden gems around the city you’ll be in. This is one of the most important things to do when studying abroad, so make sure to take solo trips around your city. 


5. Make friends

There is no doubt that it would be easier to travel and live with people from your home country. Communicating in your native language with people with the same cultural background will make living in a new country easier. However, the greatest approach to learning a new language, enjoying a new country, or learning about a new culture is to find someone who has been there their whole life, a local! Engaging with the natives can lead you to fantastic restaurants, hidden beaches, and authentic, unique traditions, all while learning a new language at the same time!


If that seems like something you’re excited to do, then all you need to do is sign up to Educatly, browse through thousands of study abroad programs all around the world, and apply to your favorite!


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