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The 5 Top In-Demand Jobs This Decade

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If you’re just starting out and looking for a field to major in, Educatly is here to help you out. Not only are there so many promising fields and high-paying jobs as the world develops and advances, but there are also some jobs that are in high demand, and we’re going to keep you in the loop.


It’s an exciting time for you as a fresh high-school graduate, someone who’s looking forward to further study and getting their master’s, or someone who’s about to change their whole career!


The 5 top in-demand jobs this decade, from 2020 to 2030:


Top In-Demand Jobs This Decade


1. Software developers & software analysts

These 2 jobs are similar, and there are 409,500 job openings expected this decade, with an average yearly salary of $120,730. To catch the wave, you can get a degree in computer science & IT. There are more than 2,000+ programs for you to choose from. Study software engineeringdata science & big data, or more.


2. Registered nurses

 Being a nurse, you can have a huge impact on people’s lives and make a change in the world. With around 276,800 job opportunities this decade and an average yearly salary of $77,600, it wouldn’t be so bad. Choose a nursing program at whichever degree level you prefer. Educatly can connect you to 300+ programs to study abroad nursing, just select the most suitable one for you and apply.


3. General & operations managers

This job is literally needed in almost every organization and company. There will be 226,300 job openings between the year 2020 to 2030 and a general or operations manager can make an average of $97,970 a year. You can get a degree in business administration or finance. Just choose one of more than 7,000+ business programs abroad. You should get an advanced degree like an MBA, as an MBA has many benefits, and one of them is that it would help you get hired!


4. Market research analysts & marketing specialists

Marketing is an immortal field as it is heavily integrated into our everyday lives. With around 163,600 job opportunities this decade and a yearly salary of $63,920, it’s very attractive. Educatly will connect you to many marketing degrees abroad. Choose one of 600+ study abroad programs to study marketing now!


5. Medical & health services managers

For as long as humans live, medical and health services will forever be in demand. There are 139,600 job openings in just this decade, so finding a job will be easy. As is making money! The average yearly salary of a medical & health services manager is $101,340. You can get a degree in healthcare management now from abroad and guarantee a lifetime of employment (or at least until 2030!) Select one of 550+ healthcare management programs to study abroad now and apply.


If these in-demand jobs of this decade align with your skills and interests, then you shouldn’t waste another moment not working towards your goal! Sign up to Educatly, filter through our study abroad programs, pick out your favorite program, and apply!


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