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Update Your Educatly Profile: Here Are 6 Ways to Plan Your Study Abroad Journey

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Studying abroad is exciting in every aspect. There’s the traveling, adventures, and exploration to be done when you’re in a totally new country, and then there is the educational journey you’re going to embark on as you achieve your dreams and get an internationally accredited degree. However, it's not going to happen unless you figure out exactly what it is you want to do, and take the necessary actions to study abroad.


Have no fear! Educatly is here to help you understand yourself and plan your study abroad journey, to bring your dreams to life. This can be done simply by asking yourself a couple of questions to figure out what you’re looking for and what to pursue.


Here Are 6 Questions to Answer to Plan Your Study Abroad journey:


1. Which degree level do you need?

Is it a bachelor’s, master’s, Ph.D., diploma, or what? Based on your educational level, you can decide what comes next. When you know that, you can easily filter through our programs to learn about all the amazing opportunities.


2. What field do you want to study?

There are many fields to study, and you should explore and read about the interesting ones to know what interests you. Is it medicine & health? Social sciences? Business & management? Find out the minor fields and career paths to know your interests.


3. Where do you want to study abroad?

If you don’t have a chosen country already, you can go through our blog and explore what living in each country we can connect you to would be like! It’s also important to choose a non-discriminatory country where foreigners and international students generally feel safe and welcome. On the other hand, if you have an idea, you can read about that country and prepare mentally for moving there.


plan your study abroad journey


4. What’s your budget for a year abroad?

Before you take the step and decide to study abroad, you need to make sure you have enough money. By browsing through study abroad programs, you’d better understand tuition fees. After you choose a major and a country, research the country to know how much it costs to live there for a month, and you can better plan. It also helps to know if you can get a job as you study, to make some plan for an income.


5. Do you think you would want to work in your study abroad destination post-graduation?

If you think that maybe one day you would want to stay abroad and have a job, then you should research how frequently foreigners get employed in your country of choice. You should also consider whether international students can have a post-graduate work permit and how it’s applied.


6. When do you want to begin your program?

It’s important to have some sort of plan as to when you want to travel and study abroad. Is it this year? The next one? June? September? Go through your plan and capabilities to choose a time and apply to your program.


Now, these are some major ideas that you need to think about to plan your study abroad journey, but it’s achievable. If it ever feels like too much, you can sign up to Educatly and have a free consultation with our educational consultants. After that, don’t forget to update your profile and fill in the needed information in the personal interest section so Educatly can match you with the most suitable programs for you.


For more about studying abroad, follow Educatly and browse through our study abroad programs.

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