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4 Ways This IELTS Mobile App Saves Time, Energy and Money

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Are you looking to prepare for your upcoming IELTS test? Do you want the chance to do so whenever and wherever you like? With the new IELTS mobile app, you can prepare anywhere, anytime. To help you, Educatly is here to walk you through what the app does, how you can use it, and what you can do with it.


IELTS is one of the most common international exams of English and can be a significant part of any application process. For some, IELTS may feel like it takes a lot of time to get ready for and take. However, there's good news: You now have an easy, convenient, and reliable solution - the IELTS app by IDP.


1. IELTS Mobile App Lets You Customize Your Goals

This IELTS mobile app was created to make your IELTS journey as successful as possible. Customize this app to align with your goals, whether you want to aim for a certain score or improve specific areas. 


IELTS mobile app


After downloading the app, you'll take a quick quiz on what you want to achieve. You might be asked about your IELTS goal score, or what skills you’re looking to gain or improve. And the application can help you with your reading, listening, speaking and writing skills.


2. IELTS Mobile App Let's You Customize Your Learning Experience and Materials

Designed to help you ace your test, the IELTS app will even give you a customized learning experience with the best materials and resources. After filling in some data about yourself, you will receive a unique set of materials to prepare for the IELTS test. 


You will have access to the most thorough preparation possible. In addition, you'll get access to over 150 articles, 400 videos, webinars, and interviews with experts. There are also sample test questions, events, free courses and even preparation checklists.


3. IELTS Mobile App Let's You Choose Your Learning Style

The IELTS mobile app caters to your preferred learning style. So whether you learn better with video, reading or practising old test papers, the application will connect you to the most suitable learning way to study and get prepared. 


4. IELTS Mobile App Let's You Book Your Test

Using the IELTS app, you'll be able to book your test and choose a date that's best for you all from one place. In addition, with reminders available in-app, you won't miss that important day!


IELTS mobile app


You'll even get your test result within moments, removing the hassle of waiting for an email or letter or logging in to a website. The app also allows you to share your scores without ever leaving the app which is especially helpful if you're applying for jobs.


The IELTS app takes all the worry out of what can be an anxious process. So why wait? You can take a practice IELTS test before or after you book your actual test. The flexibility of the app will help you be prepared for the big day.


The mobile app is available to download for a quick, simple and fast IELTS experience. You can now take an IELTS test wherever you are in the world. It’s available in 55 countries throughout the globe – no matter where you’re from, it’s time to start your journey!


Download the IELTS by IDP app from Google Play or from the App Store


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