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share by Angie Elgharably
How to Research and Write a Literature Review: 6 Tips to Save You
So, you're stuck writing your literature review? We got you. Here are 6 tips on how to research and write a literature review.

Writing a literature review is not just putting a collection of unrelated studies in one section but rather a synthesis of background information and research breakthroughs relevant to your paper or research topic. If your research query is excessively wide or super limited, you won't get the proper answers you need, so always make sure that you are researching or writing about the right amount of information (not too much, not too little.) So Educatly is here to give you the best way to research and write a literature review.


Here are 6 tips to show you how to research and write a literature review:

1. Brainstorm

The first thing you should do is jot down words and phrases that are relevant to your query or your topic. These will come in handy while doing future papers, so don't worry. Practice makes perfect! You can also write down a few words describing your topic to get inspiration on what to focus on and eliminate irrelevant ideas.


2. Talk to your professor

Of course, meeting with your lecturer or professor to discuss your subject is a very smart idea, and you should do that before you even start writing. They will definitely suggest new ideas, guide you, and even connect you with any sources you need for your paper. You can also discuss your topic with a working professional in the field. Their suggestions and ideas could be useful to you. Remember,  it’s not bad to ask for help, especially from a professional!


3. Ask questions

There are a few questions you need to ask to start your literature review paper. It’s to help you know your priorities and structure your review. You can ask questions such as: How many research investigations were already made on the topic? What is the ideal scope of coverage? How many words should you write? Will your work have an impact on this issue or topic? How many sources are required for this piece of work? 


How to Research and Write a Literature Review

4. Research and get inspired

Most importantly, you should look for a database that’s related to your topic. For example, if you need to write a literature review for a market research class, try to find a specialized database for business students. And don’t forget that the abstracts of scientific papers should be studied thoroughly. A time-saving method is at your disposal here! Use the database's search logs to keep track of your searches and ensure that you don't waste time on queries that you've already made. You can also use the references and bibliographies of the studies you find to research more related information. 


5. Use citations

When researching and collecting data, keep in mind that you need to source and cite. To write a literature review, you will need to use a lot of citations and sources. But be selective about what you cite, and make sure it’s actually relative.


6. Be objective

Finally, even though you’ll be paraphrasing and citing your sources and references (to avoid plagiarism), you shouldn’t add opinions! This means that you don’t add your own thoughts on the topic, but always keep your own voice by writing in your own way and your own style.


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by Angie
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