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The Top 10 Countries for Summer Lovers To Study Abroad

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When studying abroad, it’s important to choose a country that is safe, affordable, offers high-quality education, and, most importantly, a country that you like! And if you love the summer, there are many countries we can help you study in where you’ll get to enjoy golden rays and beach vibes. 


If you're a die-hard summer enthusiast who wants a destination that combines academic excellence with sunny adventures, we've got a list that's about to make your dreams come true.


Educatly is here to connect you to some of the best countries for summer lovers to get a high-quality education and enjoy their summer. Let’s explore the top 10 countries that cater to summer lovers' desires to pursue their studies while basking in the sun. From the Mediterranean charm of Spain and Greece to the tropical allure of Malaysia, Australia, and beyond, these countries offer the perfect blend of education and summer bliss.


The Best Countries for Summer Lovers To Study Abroad

1. Spain

Spain, a country rich in history and culture, emerges as a prime destination for those who seek to combine their academic pursuits with endless sunny days. Known for its vibrant festivals, stunning architecture, and delectable cuisine, Spain offers a diverse range of study options in both English and Spanish. Cities like Barcelona, Madrid, and Valencia provide a perfect backdrop for students to explore a mix of tradition and modernity.


Spain is a Country for Summer Lovers To Study Abroad


One of the highlights of studying in Spain is the access to its breathtaking beaches along the Mediterranean coastline. The Costa del Sol, Costa Brava, and Costa Blanca are just a few of the idyllic spots where students can unwind after classes, soaking up the sun and enjoying the refreshing waters. Beyond the beaches, Spain's bustling street life, world-renowned museums, and vibrant nightlife ensure that students experience a well-rounded cultural and academic journey. Check out more than 300 study abroad programs in Spain’s top universities for high-quality education.


2. Malaysia

For students who yearn for an exotic tropical experience, Malaysia stands as a top choice. Renowned for its lush rainforests, pristine beaches, and diverse cultural heritage, Malaysia offers a unique blend of academic excellence and natural beauty. With a growing reputation for high-quality education, the country hosts a range of international universities and programs taught in English.


Malaysia is a Country for Summer Lovers To Study Abroad


Cities like Kuala Lumpur provide students with a bustling urban environment, while areas like Penang and Langkawi boast stunning beaches and a laid-back lifestyle. Malaysia's warm and consistent climate ensures that summer lovers can enjoy outdoor activities year-round, whether it's exploring rainforest trails, diving in crystal-clear waters, or simply enjoying a sunset by the sea.  Here are 3,000+ programs in Malaysia that Educatly can connect you to for a summer experience and more.


3. Greece

With its ancient ruins, enchanting islands, and Mediterranean charm, Greece is a dream destination for those who want to study amidst historical wonders while basking in the summer sun. Home to a rich history that laid the foundation for Western civilization, Greece offers international students an array of academic opportunities.


Greece is a Country for Summer Lovers To Study Abroad


Studying in Greece allows one to explore iconic sites such as the Acropolis in Athens and the ancient city of Delphi. Moreover, Greek islands like Santorini, Mykonos, and Crete offer stunning landscapes, white-washed buildings, and pristine beaches embody the essence of a Greek summer. Students can relax on the shores of the Aegean Sea during breaks or engage in water sports, creating a perfect balance between intellectual pursuits and leisurely enjoyment. Select one of 60+ programs in Greece and live your best study abroad experience.


4. UAE

For those drawn to modernity, luxury, and innovation, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is an ideal destination. Boasting cities like Dubai and Abu Dhabi that showcase architectural marvels, world-class infrastructure, and a rich blend of cultures, the UAE offers a unique experience for students seeking academic growth in a dynamic setting.


UAE is a Country for Summer Lovers To Study Abroad


While the UAE's scorching summers might not be for the faint of heart, the country's modern amenities, such as luxurious malls and indoor ski resorts, provide plenty of indoor escapes. Moreover, the country's breathtaking desert landscapes offer a distinct charm, where students can embark on desert safaris, experience traditional Bedouin culture, and witness the juxtaposition of modern skyscrapers against golden sand dunes. Check out more than 1,900+ programs to study abroad in the UAE to select your favorite now!


5. Australia

Australia, known for its stunning landscapes, diverse ecosystems, and vibrant cities, is a top destination for those who seek a balance between academic excellence and outdoor adventure. With a range of universities offering world-class education, students can choose from a variety of fields and disciplines. From the iconic Sydney Opera House to the Great Barrier Reef, Australia's natural and cultural wonders offer endless opportunities for exploration.


Australia is a Country for Summer Lovers To Study Abroad


The country's vast coastline is a haven for beach enthusiasts, surfers, and anyone looking to enjoy the sun and waves. Whether it's studying in cosmopolitan cities like Sydney and Melbourne or exploring the rugged beauty of the Outback, Australia caters to the interests of summer lovers while fostering academic growth. Browse through more than 1,300+ study abroad programs in Australia and apply to the most suitable one for you.


6. Italy

Italy, steeped in art, history, and culinary delights, offers a remarkable study-abroad experience for summer lovers. Cities like Rome, Florence, and Venice provide a glimpse into Europe's rich past, while the Amalfi Coast and Sicilian beaches offer postcard-perfect settings for relaxation.


Italy is a Country for Summer Lovers To Study Abroad


Students can explore ancient ruins, indulge in authentic Italian cuisine, and soak in the Mediterranean sun, making Italy a cultural haven for those seeking a mix of academia and leisure. Check out 300+ study programs in Italy and choose the best one.


7. Thailand

Thailand's exotic allure, with its vibrant culture, lush jungles, and idyllic islands, appeals to students looking for a unique study abroad destination. Bangkok's bustling city life and Chiang Mai's serene landscapes provide a balanced experience.


Thailand is a Country for Summer Lovers To Study Abroad


Whether it's visiting ornate temples, sampling Thai street food, or unwinding on the beaches of Phuket, Thailand offers an enriching cultural and tropical adventure. Browse through some of the best programs in Thailand and apply to the most suitable one.


8. Singapore

The fusion of urban sophistication and lush tropical landscapes in Singapore creates an extraordinary study-abroad experience. Singapore offers both top-tier education and an immersive journey into modernity and nature. Positioned as a hub of innovation and cultural diversity, Singapore's architectural marvels, from the iconic Marina Bay Sands to the bustling Orchard Road, showcase a blend of tradition and cutting-edge technology. 


Singapore is a Country for Summer Lovers To Study Abroad


The city's world-renowned cuisine presents a tantalizing fusion of flavors that take your taste buds on a global tour. Sentosa Island serves as an idyllic escape just moments away from the city's pulse. Siloso Beach's powdery sands and serene palm trees make it a paradise for relaxation and adventure. From ziplining to snorkeling, Sentosa caters to every whim! Explore 750+ programs in Singapore to find your match.


9. Brazil

Brazil's vibrant culture, energetic cities, and Amazon rainforest make it an exciting choice for adventure-seeking students. Cities like Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo offer a mix of urban experiences, while the Amazon's biodiversity presents unique learning opportunities.


Brazil is a Country for Summer Lovers To Study Abroad


From dancing the samba during Carnival to exploring the Amazon's rich ecosystem, Brazil offers a study abroad experience combining lively culture and natural wonders. Select one of many programs in Brazil and live your best study abroad experience.


10. Cyprus

Cyprus, an island nation in the Mediterranean, boasts a perfect blend of historical significance and beachside relaxation. With a mild climate and over 300 days of sunshine annually, Cyprus offers an inviting environment for students. From ancient ruins to beautiful beaches, students can enjoy the island's rich history, indulge in Mediterranean cuisine, and unwind in the turquoise waters.  Here are 600+ programs in Cyprus that Educatly can connect you to for a summer experience and more.


Cyprus is a Country for Summer Lovers To Study Abroad


For those passionate about sunny days and warm weather, studying abroad in one of these top 10 countries can be a dream come true! Whether you're drawn to the historic charm of Spain and Greece, the tropical allure of Malaysia and Thailand, the modern marvels of the UAE and Australia, or the cultural richness of Italy and Brazil, each destination offers a unique blend of academic growth and summer enjoyment. 


What are you waiting for? You can sign up to Educatly and update your profile to get a personalized browsing experience based on your preferences and get matched with a suitable program. You can also filter through 60,000+ study abroad programs worldwide, pick out the one you want, and apply to it!


However, if you need hands-on support, you can fill out this form to book a meeting, and an educational counselor will contact you and guide you throughout the whole process! Pack your bags, embrace the adventure, and embark on a transformative journey that combines education with the joys of summer exploration!

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