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5 of the Top Non-native English Speaking Countries to Study Abroad
If you want to communicate easily while studying abroad anywhere in the world, check out the top non-native English speaking countries to study abroad:

Educatly does provide its students with study abroad programs in the English language, but what about dealing with people when studying abroad? If you don’t want to suffer while communicating with people or learning a new language, you should go to a country where the people are proficient in English! With more than 1.5 billion English-speaking people worldwide, only 400 million are native speakers.


Top Non-native English Speaking Countries to Study Abroad


However, the rest have acquired the language. While you’ll probably find a lot of English speakers in any country you go to, there are some countries where most people are fluent, and you’d have no issue speaking in English in a supermarket or a restaurant. Some of these non-native English-speaking countries are great ones as well!


Here are the Top Non-Native English Speaking Countries to Study Abroad:

1. The Netherlands

Studying in the Netherlands means enjoying a unique and enriching experience for international students! Renowned for its high-quality education, innovative teaching methods, and multicultural environment, the country presents a compelling case for pursuing higher education there.


With its robust education system and numerous world-class universities offering a wide range of programs taught in English, linguistic accessibility eliminates the language barrier. It allows international students to engage fully with their studies.


Most importantly, the Netherlands is proficient in English, ranking number one globally as the best non-native English-speaking country. Dutch society strongly emphasizes learning English from an early age, making it easy for international students to communicate both inside and outside the classroom.


So they have no problem speaking in English and are good at it. This language fluency ensures a smooth transition, enabling students to navigate everyday life, form friendships, and participate in extracurricular activities without hindrance. However, it might be considered rude if you’re not trying to learn a word or two when living in the Netherlands. So, for those seeking a top-tier education in a welcoming and globally oriented environment, the Netherlands stands as an ideal destination. Check out 20+ programs that Educatly can connect you to in the Netherlands to study abroad, select your favorite, and apply!


2. Germany

Studying in Germany presents a compelling opportunity for international students, combining academic excellence, a vibrant cultural scene, and a strong emphasis on research and innovation. With a rich history of renowned institutions, the country offers several compelling reasons to pursue higher education there.


The diverse range of English-taught programs caters to international students, ensuring that language barriers are minimized. So, communicating in English within Germany is relatively straightforward due to the country’s widespread English proficiency. Many Germans, especially in academia and urban areas, are fluent in English, making it comfortable for international students to navigate daily life, social interactions, and academic pursuits.


This linguistic accessibility fosters an inclusive environment that promotes cross-cultural exchange and learning. More than half the population in Germany can speak English. Yet, they do really cherish their native language and appreciate when people don’t always speak in English or expect all conversations to be in English.


The prevalence of English as a second language and a dynamic cultural landscape ensures that international students can seamlessly integrate into German society and academia. So, feel free to strike up a conversation in English with the locals, especially in Berlin.


Germany stands as a compelling choice for those seeking a top-tier education in a country with a strong emphasis on innovation and research. You can browse through 250+ study abroad programs in Germany, where you can study in English!


3. Sweden

Choosing Sweden for your higher education provides a unique blend of academic quality, cultural richness, and an inviting environment for international students. With its stunning landscapes, renowned institutions, and language accessibility, Sweden offers several compelling reasons to pursue your studies there.


Sweden’s affordability also sets it apart as an attractive destination for higher education. The cost of living is relatively lower than in other Nordic countries, and many programs have competitive tuition fees.


Many institutions offer programs in English, making education accessible to international students without requiring fluency in Swedish. Also, the Swedes have a strong command of English, especially among the younger population and academic community.


So, speak English freely in Sweden, and no matter how much you think Swedish sounds like Norwegian, do not speak Norwegian (if you even know how to). You won’t have any problem speaking in English anywhere you want or studying!


Sweden is an accessible option for international students seeking quality education without an excessive financial burden. Check out those 100+ programs in Sweden that Educatly can connect you to and start the research process.


4. Hungary

Opting to study in Hungary offers a dynamic and enriching academic experience complemented by a rich cultural heritage and a supportive international community. With its diverse range of programs, historic universities, and English-language offerings, Hungary presents several compelling reasons for pursuing higher education there.


Many programs are taught in English, ensuring accessibility for international students and minimizing language barriers. Hungary’s commitment to internationalization is evident in its well-developed English-language education system, and it enables international students to communicate comfortably inside and outside the classroom, facilitating interactions and fostering cross-cultural friendships.


The country’s central European location makes it an ideal hub for exploring neighboring countries during breaks, enriching the overall experience. Hungary’s affordability also sets it apart, with lower tuition fees and living costs than many Western European nations.


When in Hungary, learn some basic words to fit easily in social situations. However, when talking to your new friends in Hungary, you will have no problem talking in English, as this is one of the best English-speaking countries to study abroad, and most people are highly proficient in English!


Hungary is an attractive choice for those seeking a well-rounded education in the heart of Europe, where old-world charm and modern vibrancy meet. Browse through 30+ study abroad programs in Hungary to select the most suitable program for you and apply to it.


5. Switzerland

With Switzerland’s world-renowned universities, emphasis on research, and diverse language offerings, Switzerland presents several compelling reasons for international students to pursue their studies there. Switzerland is synonymous with quality education, boasting some of the world’s top-ranked universities and research institutions. The multicultural society and international outlook create a welcoming environment for students worldwide.


The country offers a perfect blend of modern cities and serene natural beauty, allowing students to explore many activities, from skiing in the Alps to enjoying the charm of picturesque towns.


English is widely spoken in Switzerland, especially in academic and professional settings. Many universities offer programs in English, catering to international students and making education accessible without the need for fluency in the local languages. A Little over 40% of the Swiss population can speak English. When in major cities like Geneva, you will definitely find a ton of people talking in English, and you’d have no problem swooping in!


If you’re seeking a holistic and enriching higher education experience, filter through 50+ programs in Switzerland, select your favorite program, and start your study abroad journey.


What are you waiting for? Sign up to Educatly, browse through our study abroad programs, select the most suitable one for you, and apply! It’s the start of an amazing adventure around the world.


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