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Do You Want an Easily Acquired Post Graduation Work Permit? Study Abroad in Canada!

Study in Canada
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Study Abroad
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Canada is not kidding when it comes to taking in expats! The country welcomes each and every kind of person with a smile and makes it easy to stay there. The large but not so much in population country is an amazing place to live with high immigrant tolerance. With the chill weather, high quality of life, and safety, you’d enjoy a happy life in Canada. You can study abroad in Canada and get your post-graduate work permit or even a permanent residency easily, and Educatly will tell you just how.


Educatly has more than 600+ study abroad programs to connect you to, offered by 20 of the best universities in Canada. You can study abroad in Canada and get your bachelor’s degree, master's, or Ph.D. in interior design or environmental sustainability, veterinary science or business administration in global leadership, or psychology or environmental sciences. Of course, that’s not all there is; there are hundreds of diverse programs in different degree levels, and you can select the most suitable one for you and apply.


Post-Graduate Work Permit to Study Abroad in Canada

With so much diversity in the country, international students thrive and even desire to stay in Canada. A student can usually get a post-graduate work permit (PGWP) after graduation that could last up to 3 years. However, there are some requirements to apply for and get the PGWP.


To apply for a PGWP, a student must: 

1. Complete a program that’s longer than 8 months in duration from an eligible institution with a degree or certificate.
2. Have a letter from the institution to confirm that they’ve completed their program successfully.
3. Have a study permit when applying for a post-graduation work permit.
4. Apply for a post-graduation work permit within 180 days of graduating.


The duration of the permit highly depends on how long you’ve stayed in Canada for your program. For example, if you took a 3-year program, you’ll most likely have a 3-year work permit. The best news is that the longer you study in Canada, the better your chances of getting a permanent residency if you apply.


study abroad in Canada


Permanent residency

You can stay permanently in Canada, but there are some conditions for that. For example, you must have enough money to support yourself and your family without obligations or debts in your home country. You also must get a job in Canada! For that, we recommend you research how much it costs to live in Canada as well as the job openings to know your options. Another needed requirement for your record is that you must have stayed in Canada for at least 3 years (1,045 days) out of 5 years.


When you do get the residency permit, you must stay in Canada for 2 years every 5 years. So you can’t have the permit and go back home. You need to follow those rules to maintain your residency. If you want to apply for citizenship, you’d need to stay there for at least 3 years out of your previous 5 years as a legal resident!


This is what it takes to study abroad in Canada and get a post-graduate work permit or have permanent residency. What are you waiting for? It’s time to sign up to Educatly, browse through our study abroad programs in Canada, select your favorite, and apply!


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