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The Top Reasons to Study Economics Abroad

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Ever wondered how the world ticks? How do markets, businesses, and governments function? If you're curious about these things and love crunching numbers, economics might just be your cup of tea. But why settle for a conventional degree when you can study economics abroad and unlock a treasure trove of exciting opportunities? Educatly has got your back, and we're here to tell you all why you should study economics abroad!


Economics isn't just about crunching numbers and churning out charts. Oh no! It's a versatile field with various specializations to suit your interests.


Reasons to Study Economics Abroad

1. It opens a world of possibilities

Studying economics opens up a whole new world of possibilities. From honing your strategic and analytical thinking to becoming a master problem-solver, this field equips you with invaluable skills that can lead to a fulfilling career.


2. There are many minors in the field of economics

Plus, there isn't just one economics degree, there are many types of economics degrees. Think sustainable economics, finance & accounting, international business economics, legislation, economics & safety, applied mathematical economics, and economics, politics & law.


Reasons to Study Economics Abroad


3. An economics degree prepares you for various jobs 

So, you've earned your economics degree, now what? Well, my friend, the world is your oyster! With a wealth of experience and a set of finely-honed skills, you can take on various roles in finance, become an economic researcher, a data analyst, or even influence public sector policies. This exciting field opens doors to a whole array of careers.


As an economics degree holder, you can work as:

  • • Accountant
  • • Actuary
  • • Data analyst
  • • Economic researcher
  • • Economist
  • • Financial analyst
  • • Financial consultant
  • • Financial manager
  • • Financial planner
  • • Financial risk analyst
  • • Investment analyst
  • • Management analyst
  • • Market research analyst
  • • Operations research analyst
  • • Personal financial advisor
  • • Public sector roles


With an international economics education, you'll gain a unique perspective that sets you up for success in both the private and public sectors. And guess what? If you play your cards right, you could be earning up to $130,000 annually – not too bad, right?


If that seems like something you are passionate about, Educatly can connect you to top-notch economics programs in Hungary, UAE, the UK, Malaysia, and beyond. Imagine studying in beautiful Spain, vibrant Germany, or even down under in Australia. It's not just about education; it's about embracing diverse cultures and experiences.


You can choose from over 1,200+ study-abroad programs in economics offered by more than 200 prestigious universities worldwide. Whether you're eyeing a bachelor's, master's, Ph.D., or anything in between, the options are endless.


No more waiting around! It's time to make your dreams a reality. Sign up to Educatly, explore the economics programs that speak to your heart, and take that leap of faith. An internationally recognized degree will open doors to exciting career prospects, making you a global player in the ever-changing world of economics.


Embrace the world of economics abroad and set yourself up for a rewarding and successful journey. And remember to follow Educatly for more inspiration on studying abroad. The world is calling – will you answer?

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