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Get Your Master's in the USA Now and Pay Later

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The land of freedom and opportunity has a number of universities that rank among the top 100 universities in the world. And now you can get a high-quality education without worrying about getting your visa accepted or about how you’ll pay the tuition fees with Educatly’s help. 


Our goal is to help students pay for their education in the US and pay back later. Students can get tuition fees up to $100,000 and apply to many universities in the USA. The funding will cover your tuition fees, accommodation, and any expenses needed to study abroad up to $100,000. You can receive special support if you're interested in getting a master’s in STEM or an MBA.


How to Get Financial Aid for Master's in the USA

To be eligible for funding, you need to have great grades and English proficiency to apply for a master’s program. Working experience will also help you get shortlisted for this funding, as we aim to support those students with exciting careers ahead. If you’re looking to get funded to study a STEM master’s or MBA, then your chances are already higher than others!


When it comes to the amount of funding, it depends on the university you’re applying to and the major. You can repay the borrowed money within 10 years with a fixed interest rate. The default interest rate is 11.9%, but the interest rate can go up and down depending on the economy.  When it comes to the loan itself, you can start paying 6 months after your graduation, which is probably going to be by the time you have a job with a stable income. Plus, if you want to pay the whole loan off at once, you absolutely can!


Financial Aid for Master's in USA


What else can this partnership help you with

1. Your student visa in the US (100% success rate).
2. Credit score (essential for living in the US post-graduation).
3. Finding a job after graduating.


To apply for financing, fill in this application to get a loan to study in the USA. This would create and update your profile in Educatly and notify our team of educational counselors. Our team will contact you as soon as possible and go with you through the whole process, from finding your favorite university and a suitable program to the application process and your visa.


It's time to find the master’s degree you're hoping for in the US.


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