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Become an Educatly Ambassador & Make $500/Month Working Part-time

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Did you know that you can work as an ambassador using your phone, any time of the day, and anywhere in the world, with 0 experience?! The only requirement is that you have studied abroad or are currently studying abroad.  


Educatly wants to help you get your first job experience and earn some extra money while studying abroad by helping and supporting other students. You can become an Educatly ambassador, work part-time and make more than $500 a month, with minimum effort.


Here’s what an Educatly Ambassador does:

1. Share their study abroad experience with other students or wannabe students.
2. Contact students for consultations and advice on studying abroad.
3. Support students to find a program abroad and apply.


Literally, all you need for this job is to have experience studying abroad or are currently studying abroad. Using your phone or laptop, you can apply to be an ambassador today. No matter where you’re from, where you’re studying abroad, or how old you are!


become an Educatly ambassador


Here’s why you should become an Educatly Ambassador:

By doing just that, you can earn money, gain some needed work experience for your CV, and actually make a positive impact on other people’s lives. Once your application has been approved, you will receive in-depth training and receive several documents to learn how to best do your new job, so that you can thrive, learn and start earning!


You will be getting points that will easily be exchanged for money every time you post on social media, message as a student, consult a student, etc. So each task you complete gets you a specific number of points. For example, when you’ve contacted a student who is interested in studying abroad and pass them on to our team, you will get 20 points, which means you’ll be adding to your wallet $6, just like that.


Let’s do some quick maths... Working 1 hour a day for 5 days a week will make you a minimum of $240! If you were to work 4 hours a day… you’d be adding around $1,000 to your wallet per month, and you can cash it out in just one click. 


Ready to get some exciting, ultra-flexible, work experience while studying abroad? 


You can become an Educatly ambassador and easily apply to become an ambassador. Learn more about the ambassador role, and start the amazing journey of making money while studying abroad, from the comfort of your home (or wherever in the world you want).


Don’t forget to follow Educatly for more about studying abroad and education!

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