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Ready to Study Abroad? Here Are 5 of the Best Majors to Study Abroad

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Studying abroad means getting an internationally accredited degree! To have a high-quality education at the top universities, expand your skills and knowledge, and be worldwide employable, just study abroad. 


What should you study, you ask? No need to worry because Educatly is here to always keep you updated with the best study abroad opportunities for the most in-demand jobs. We got for you 5 of the best majors to study abroad this year for a thriving career and a future of success.


Here are 5 of the Best Majors to Study Abroad This Year:

1. Nursing

Nurses are now in demand more than ever. With the pandemic and the coronavirus, the medical health sector can use all the help it can get. Study abroad to really make a difference in people’s lives and make a lot of money on the way. 


Check out 240+ nursing programs abroad and get ready to make $90,000 a year. 


2. Medicine

As the world progresses and health deteriorates, doctors and healthcare workers are highly needed. Medical professions are extremely respected worldwide, especially when they have a globally accredited degree, of course! Get ready to have a positive impact on the world.


Best Majors to Study Abroad


Browse through more than 800 medicine programs all over the world to jumpstart your career.


3. Psychology

This is one of the best majors to study abroad, and it's more than just a degree. It’s a way to change your life 180 degrees for the better. Studying psychology means you’ll be able to understand the world around you, and actually be an influencing person in your community and maybe in the world. You can read more to know what studying psychology abroad means.


There are more than 1,700 psychology programs abroad to check out. Don’t waste your time and get cracking.


4. Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy literally helps people improve their quality of life. Of course, it’s highly rewarding when you help a patient with an injury or disability. This is what to study if you want to be loved and appreciated by your patients. You can make a minimum of $95,000 a year.


Filter through more than 200 physiotherapy programs abroad and apply to your favourite one.


5. Law

The benefits of such a degree transcend the obvious ones. Studying law also means you’ll gain experience with solving problems, writing, forming arguments, and much more. Studying law abroad doesn’t necessarily mean that you will be a lawyer (even though it’d be awesome if you did), as this degree also qualifies you to be a civil service administrator, data analyst, and more.


Select one of 1,500+ law programs abroad and get ready to live a life of employment. 


Did you select one of the best majors to study abroad? Did one of these fields interest you? If yes, then just sign up to Educatly and apply to the most suitable program directly. Just make sure your profile is 100% updated.


Don’t forget to follow Educatly for more about studying abroad, and read about the top 5 in-demand jobs of this decade.

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