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4 Tips to Improve Your Learning and Be a Better Student

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Do you know that a new neural connection is formed or strengthened every time we learn anything new? In other words, no one is born with a ceiling on their potential when it comes to learning. People's ability to learn is really hindered by the idea of giftedness or natural talents, which also influences how teachers educate.


Educatly is here to answer the question of what can help with learning and inspire you to really start the process of understanding your own brain, how it works, and how to use that for your own benefit and let it enhance how you learn!


Here are 4 tips to improve your learning:

1. Accept that your brain and ideas are always changing

As mentioned above, every time you learn something new, your brain forms, changes, strengthens, and works differently. You will notice that growing up and learning new things every day. It’s a part of developing and growing, and it’s super beautiful! 


2. Embrace your mistakes

When you counter difficult things, such as math problems, that you think are just beyond your ability, this is when your brain works extra hard and imprints new knowledge. The healthiest way to learn any knowledge is to make mistakes because it makes the knowledge more accessible later on, so learn to embrace it!


Tips to Improve Your Learning


3. Try different learning methods and see which one works best for you

It's very important to always try different learning techniques and strategies. There are 4 main learning methods: visual, auditory, reading, or writing. For example, some people learn using visuals and drawings. Others would prefer to hear the new information; others would like to read it or write it! Each method engages different areas in the brain, so for the most effective education, use a variety of teaching and learning methods. 


4. Always exercise flexible thinking 

Being quick at something doesn't necessarily indicate that you're good at it, which is a fact! Always train yourself to take your time when getting any task done because this is really how you see how your brain works. Therefore, the key to learning is to engage with any content in various ways over the time you need, and that does not necessarily need to be quick.


Finally, we all have very beautiful and unique brains that work completely differently from each other. The best way to learn is to understand and embrace how your brain works, to what is the best thing that works best for your unique brain!


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