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5 Super Easy Steps to Upgrade Your Dorm Room!

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Dorm rooms are like little parts of our worlds in which we keep a sample of everything we love and enjoy. One of the major perks of living in a dorm room is that you can build it up or down the way you like! If you want to hang up a huge poster of Pink Floyd on the wall or have a fish tank, there’s no one to tell you that you can’t! 


However, we firmly believe that where you spend most of your time definitely has an effect on the quality of your life and your general mood. If you want to study, read, sleep, or eat in your dorm room, we advise you to keep a tidied-up and positive dorm room. So Eduactly is going to tell you exactly how to upgrade your dorm room and make it amazing!


Here are 5 tips to upgrade your dorm room:

1. Decluttering is your best friend

Your dorm room should be home to things you need and use. You know, the essentials. So donate the shoes you don't need, and don’t pile up things you won’t use for months. You have no idea how lighter you will feel after you throw away the things that you don't use, so always make sure to declutter every now and then!


2. Buy organizers FOR EVERYTHING

Make sure once you move in to buy an organizer for each group of items you have. Buy a shoe rack, a bag organizer, and a laundry bag, and you get the gist. The most important thing is to not leave anything on the floor! Keep your dirty clothes in a basket, and your clean ones in the wardrobe. This will really make your life easier and much more organized. 


Upgrade Your Dorm Room


3. Decorate! 

This room is YOURS, and if you have a roommate then you have an entire side of this room that is yours. So, make sure to decorate it in a way that will make you satisfied and happy. Buy posters or wallpapers to hang up on the wall, fun sheets for your bed, cute little pillows, and so on. Make this room, or your side of the room, represent you. 


4. Reuse everything you can

Did you see those short tutorial videos on how to reuse your shoe boxes or your old T-shirts? Those hacks are actually very good and beneficial. You can turn an old shoe box into a makeup or charger container. You can turn jars into pencil cases even. Once you know how to get creative and reuse items, you will find yourself instilling new life into mundane items!


Another tip to actually be able to love your dorm room is to get out of it!


By now, I guess you have decluttered, organized, and decorated your dorm room. Now it's time to get out of it! Spend a lot of time outside doing outdoor activities with other people. Yes, I know that after you upgrade your dorm room, you'll love it, but believe me, you can get bored and lazy so easily to the point where you’ll start hating the dorm room. So get out and explore!


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