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3 Safe Countries to Study Abroad Your Parents Can't Say No To

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Let's face it. Convincing your parents to study abroad isn’t easy peasy, especially when you have Middle Eastern parents. First of all, they can’t handle the thought of not seeing your beautiful face daily, no matter how much they regularly tell you to piss off. Secondly, they fear for your safety. Whether you’re a boy or a girl, being in a country on your own at the age of 18 can be kind of, sort of, a little scary and could get unsafe. Rightfully, along with many considerations to make when studying abroad, how safe your destination is is a major point.


But, tell your parents Educalty advises them to worry no more. There are 3 unique and safe countries to study abroad, where you’ll get a high-quality education, meet amazing new people, enjoy diverse cultures and nature, and even afford a comfortable life. 


Here Are 3 Safe Countries To Study Abroad Your Parents Can’t Say No To:

1. Switzerland


safe countries to study abroad


Switzerland is a highly secure country and a great place to live and study abroad. The education, safety, housing, nature, and ability to create a work-life balance are sublime.


It’s where you’ll eat a lot of Swiss cheese and chocolate. You can enjoy a variety of outdoor activities and meet so many people. It might also help to tell you that Switzerland has so many foreigners living there, so you will meet many people from different backgrounds and cultures, which will help widen your horizons! Joining that international community will be an eye-opening and rich experience. 


Check out 18+ bachelor’s and master’s programs in Switzerland, where you can study business, tourism management, arts, fashion, or sports management, then choose your favorite program. Don’t worry, your parents can’t say no. At least not on our watch.


2. New Zealand


safe countries to study abroad


When looking for stability and safety, go to New Zealand. The secure country is filled with chill people and a laid-back lifestyle that will keep your spirit young! In New Zealand, you can enjoy a fine education, a quiet and peaceful life, and amazing outdoor weather.


What’s the best part, you ask? It’s that you have a chance of finding a job and working in New Zealand post-graduation due to the strong job market. The world’s second safest country welcomes foreigners and ex-pats with arms wide open, where they get to join a great community.


You can browse around 300 programs to study abroad in New Zealand and get your bachelor’s degree, master’s, Ph.D., diploma, or more. Study business, computer science & IT, engineering & technology, education, law, and medicine, among many other fields.


3. The United Kingdom


safe countries to study abroad


The job opportunities, excellent higher education, and low crime rate are enough reasons to study abroad in the UK. It's one of the top safe countries to study abroad. As a matter of fact, when you tell your parents you want to study abroad in the UK, they’ll probably want to come along.


It's where you can enjoy historic buildings and museums, watch soccer games, and go to art galleries and the theatre. So, you’ll get the education you need, surrounded by a great environment, and speaking a language you’re already fluent in English!


Filter through around 25,000+ study abroad programs in the UK’s best 100 universities. You can get any degree level, be it a bachelor’s, master’s, Ph.D., diploma, pre-bachelor’s, or more. There are tens of fields to choose from. You name it! Study medicine, engineering, computer science & IT, architecture, design, sports, law, marketing business, and a few others! This is exactly the right time to take this step.


If there’s someone who should study abroad and get a high-quality education, it should be YOU. What are you waiting for? Sign up to Educatly, and update your profile for a personalized browsing experience.


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