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12 Affordable Online Courses That Won’t Make You Go Broke

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Imagine having many high-quality certificates at the age of 25. Hard to imagine? Can you see this happening once you know you can take affordable online courses? Not so hard to imagine now, is it?


It’s not just about accessibility to online courses and affordable prices; online courses are more than that. For example, the career advancements it offers are enough to get you excited about an online course, but Educatly can give you more reasons.


Here Are 5 More Reasons Why You Should Take An Online Course:


1. The flexible schedule, where you can study anytime, anywhere, and create a productive environment.

2. You can be a full-time employee as you take an online course.

3. You save money that you would have spent on travel, accommodations, transportation, and tuition fees.

4. You can acquire technical skills like dealing with new computer programs, online research, communicating virtually, and more.

5. Amazing career advancements as you can quickly gain more knowledge in your field, be it business management, human resources, creative writing, or something else.


Have we already mentioned that it’s accessible anywhere and for very cheap prices? Oh, yeah, we have.


affordable online courses


Now comes the question of where to start. But is it really even a question or a cause of worry when we’re right here with you? We think NOT!


Here Are 12 Affordable Online Courses:

  • Running a Business for $159 (click here to explore.)
  • Picture and sound deliverables for $299 (click here to explore.)
  • Introduction to Financial Markets and Trading for $461 (click here to explore.)
  • Access Course in Maths - SCQF 5 for $465 (click here to explore.)
  • Access Course in English - SCQF 6 for $465 (click here to explore.)
  • Mindfulness in the Classroom for $679 (click here to explore.)
  • ILM Level 3 Award in Leadership and Management for $679 (click here to explore.)
  • Discovering Mindfulness for $679 (click here to explore.)
  • Digital Museum Practice for $715 (click here to explore.)
  • An Introduction to Ethnographic Research Methods for $715 (click here to explore.)
  • Cryptocurrency for $729 (click here to explore.)
  • Introduction to Offshore Decommissioning for $833 (click here to explore.)


If these courses don’t interest you, take the lead and check out all the online courses Educatly offers you. 


But if you’re thinking bigger, how about:


What are you waiting for? It’s time to take charge of your future! Sign up to Educatly, update your profile, and get a personalized browsing experience.


Don’t forget to follow Educatly for more on studying abroad and education.

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