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How To Convince Your Parents To Study Abroad

Preparing yourself
Study Abroad
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Convincing your parents to let you study abroad can be tough, but it's definitely worth it. Educatly has tips and tricks for you to make your case, show them that studying abroad is amazing and the various benefits it will bring to your life.


Here's how to convince your parents to study abroad:

1. For starters, share with them the benefits of studying abroad 

First things first, share with your parents why studying abroad is such a good idea! By studying abroad and immersing yourself in a new culture, you'll learn so much more about the world and how other people live. It can also help you learn new languages and develop new skills. You'll have the opportunity to make lifelong friends from all over the globe. And finally, studying abroad looks great on your resume, as employers now are looking for students with international experience and a global perspective.


2. How to address your parents' concerns

Your parents may have a lot of concerns about you studying abroad. Here are some common concerns and how you can address them:


• They may worry about your safety

There are a few things you can do to ease their worries. First, do your research on the country you want to study in and find out what the crime rate is like. You can also look into whether there are any student exchange programs that your parents can feel more comfortable with. Finally, keep in touch with your parents while you're abroad and let them know that you're safe and happy.


• They may worry about the cost

Studying abroad can be expensive, but there are ways to offset the cost. You can look into scholarships and financial aid options specifically for students studying abroad. You can also talk to your parents about how much they're willing to contribute and come up with a plan to cover the rest of the costs.


• They may worry that you won't stay focused on your studies

You can assure your parents that you'll stay focused on your studies by setting up a study plan before you leave. This plan should include how many hours per day or week you'll spend studying,


Convince Your Parents To Study Abroad


3. Prove to your parents that you are responsible

One of the best ways to convince your parents to let you study abroad is to show them that you are responsible. You can do this by maintaining good grades in school, being involved in extracurricular activities, and demonstrating good decision-making skills.


If your parents see that you are capable of handling yourself well, they will be more likely to trust you to take care of yourself in a foreign country. Be sure to talk to them about your plans and what you expect to gain from studying abroad. With a little preparation and convincing, you should be able to earn your parents’ support to study abroad.


4. Be prepared to answer questions about finances, safety, and homesickness

If you're hoping to convince your parents to let you study abroad, it's important to be prepared to answer their questions about finances, safety, and homesickness.


Start by doing your research and putting together a solid budget for your time abroad. This will help ease your parents' worries about how you'll be able to afford everything. Next, look into the safety of your chosen destination and make sure you have a plan for staying safe while you're away from home. Assure your parents that you'll be careful and that you have a support system in place in case of any emergencies.


Finally, talk about how you plan to combat homesickness. Let them know that you're excited about the opportunity to explore a new culture but that you understand it will be tough at times. Explain how you'll stay connected to home through technology, letters, and Skype calls.


By being honest and open about your plans, you'll give your parents the information they need to feel comfortable letting you study abroad. 


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