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Spain vs Italy: Which Is a Better Destination To Study Abroad?

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If you’re in the process of selecting your study abroad program and destination, and you’ve narrowed them down to Spain and Italy, then you’re on the right track. Both countries are amazing destinations, especially when it comes to studying abroad. They’re great options for the cultures, high-quality education and top universities. However, which country should you choose? Educatly is going to walk you through a detailed comparison between Spain and Italy. 


Living In Spain vs Italy 

Living in a new country means a total lifestyle change. Both countries differ in many things, be it the weather, activities, attractions and more. However, they’re similar in many ways as well. Spain and Italy are major attractions to tourists and international students, so it’s very easy to find English speakers all around you and immerse yourself in the culture and communicate with people there.


When it comes to food, both countries offer diverse, unique and amazing plates such as pizza, gelato, paella, and Pulpo a la gallega. That’s not just it. There are also amazing cities and historical sites to visit and enjoy in Italy and Spain. Actually, both countries possess the most UNESCO World Heritage sites in the world. So when living in Spain or Italy, the general vibe is pretty close.


The Customs And Traditions

Both European countries are very similar in the fact that they are religious and family-centric. Italy and Spain work to live rather than live to work. Quality of life is important in both countries as most businesses take an afternoon siesta to recharge.


Spain vs Italy


Regardless of all the similarities, each country also has its own identity. Italy really cares about fashion as people look well put most of the time. Everyone in Italy has a more formal and polished look. Meanwhile, Spain is more laid back and casual when it comes to fashion.


The Different Language Requirements

Both countries have programs to study in English and most people there speak English. However, you will definitely pick up a couple of new words and learn a new language. Being bilingual or multi-lingual would be a great addition to your career and to your cv. So, which language would you rather learn, Italian or Spanish? Bear in mind that there are different dialects in each city and town as well, so this is something that you need to research when considering your study abroad destination.


If you’re wondering which country has more flexible programs when it comes to language, then you should know that Italy usually has fewer language requirements, while Spanish programs could require some kind of knowledge in Spanish.


The Living Costs

Honestly, Italy is overall more expensive to live in than Spain. However, living in a small town is cheaper than living in a major city. Accommodation in both countries costs on average from  €300 to €500 a month. Meanwhile, buying groceries and some essentials, transportation and utilities in Italy are more costly.


The average monthly salary in Spain is higher than in Italy by around 12%. If you have a tight budget or want to manage your finances closely, you should consider the cost of living in Spain vs. in Italy.


Where You Can Travel When In Spain Or Italy

From Spain, it’s pretty easy to go to France, Portugal, Morocco and Andorra. However, when in  Italy, you can visit Switzerland, France, Slovakia, Austria, Greece and some MENA countries. Both countries have budget-friendly airlines to travel all over Europe.


What To Study In Spain vs Italy

There are 300+ programs to study in Spain. Be it a bachelor’s, master’s, Ph.D, or a short course, you will find a suitable program for you. You can choose one of the top majors in Spain: business, medicine, tech and more for state-of-the-art education. 


Spain vs Italy


Choose one program from 180+ programs in Italy to take your bachelor’s, master’s, Ph.D, and more. Study architecture & arts-design, business or social science for affordable tuition fees.


Study abroad in Spain if you want to learn Spanish, eat delicious seafood, or be surrounded by culture, dance, music and festivals. Study abroad in Italy if you want to learn Italian, eat pasta and pizza, and enjoy nature, arts and architecture. The most important thing is to follow your gut! If you’re more into one country or the other, do what feels right to you.


All you need to do is sign up to Educatly and update your profile to get a customized browsing experience to get matched with the most suitable program for you. Or you can filter through all programs in Spain and Italy that Educatly can connect you to!


What are you waiting for? Start your future now.


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