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The 8 Types of Work Visas in Australia That You Can Get

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Working and living in Australia is a dream come true for many. It's not just because the economy is robust and you can find tons of lucrative career opportunities. It's also for the gorgeous landscapes, high standards of living, and most importantly, the diverse types of work visas in Australia that you can apply for. That's why Educatly is here to share with you all you need to know about work visas in Australia.


Australia is a country that attracts immigrants from all over the world each year. The several diverse career opportunities offered in Australia make it a top destination for professionals worldwide. One of the benefits of having a career in Australia is that the government gives back generously. This includes generous benefits such as pensions and discounts on items like health care, medicine, and services provided by the government. If you meet the requirements for an age pension, you'll also have access to discounts like those mentioned above!


Types of Work Visas in Australia


If you are moving to Australia, here's the information you need. You'll learn about the different types of visas for working in Australia. Being a part of this vibrant and lively economy is worth it!


What type of work visa do you need? 

If you think you would be of value to the Australian workforce and make a worthy contribution, then you should check out your eligibility to get a work visa in Australia.


The top types of work visas in Australia to know about: 


1. Temporary skill shortage visa 

The Temporary Skills Shortage Visa is perfect for filling in any missing skills an Australian employer may need. It'll allow you to work in Australia for up to four years if you're sponsored by a local business owner.


2. Employer nomination scheme visa 

This type of Australian working visa is targeted towards employers, who want to sponsor skilled workers for full-time employment. You will need to have the right qualifications and relevant work experience in an eligible, professional occupation. Each employer will have specific work experience requirements they expect you to meet.


3. Skilled employer-sponsored regional (provisional) visa 

This Australian regional visa is a temporary one that gives you permission to stay for 5 years. You need to get employed in a specific occupation and then be part of the sponsoring business or associate entity. That business, of course, needs to be located in a regional area in Australia. Some of the benefits offered by this visa include the potential for permanent residency.


Types of Work Visas in Australia


4. Designated Area Migration Agreement (DAMA) 

There are two types of DAMA visas: skilled and semi-skilled. They are specific to the state with a DAMA agreement and are meant to address current labour market shortages.


5. Working Holiday Visa 

The working holiday visa is best for individuals who are looking for extended travel time and short-term employment in Australia. You must be 18-35 to apply and can stay in Australia for up to three years.


6. Training Visa 

If you need to study or train abroad in order to get an occupational registration or license, the training visa is one of the best options available. This is a temporary visa for people who want to live in Australia temporarily, so they can pursue professional development or occupational training.


7. Work & Holiday Visa 

The work and holiday visa is a 3-year visa for younger Australians who want an extended stay in the country. The holder also receives a generous extension on their vacation time and can use it as they please.


8. Temporary work (short stay specialist) visa 

You can live in Australia for up to 3 months with a temporary work visa. In some exceptional circumstances, the visa grants residence for up to 6 months. You'll have to request this on your application when applying for this visa.


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