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Do You Want To Study Psychology Abroad? This Is What It Means

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If the human mind fascinates you, this one is for YOU.


Humans are amazing, especially their brains (no, I am not a zombie.) If you’re always self-reflecting, thinking about how the brain works and memory forms, then you should study psychology abroad. The road is only paved with so many specializations, jobs, and money.


There are so many topics to be studied, such as cognitive psychology, where you can learn all about language, perception, decision-making, and how the brain processes information. There’s behavioral psychology, where you can study how the environment changes and molds human behavior. You can learn all about mental illnesses and personality disorders, social and clinical psychology, neural studies, and more.


Educatly has over 1,700 different psychology programs to study abroad. Be it in Germany, Ireland, Spain, Malaysia, Canada, or Turkey, you will find a suitable program for you at one of our universities. We got for you 3 majors to take your bachelor’s, master’s, Ph.D., or more to shower yourself with diverse job opportunities!


Study Psychology Abroad


Three minor fields to study psychology abroad

1. Clinical psychology

You’d be able to learn all about research, teaching, counseling, and clinical practice. Choose the most appropriate program for you. There are more than 200 clinical psychology programs all over the world. With a Clinical psychology degree, you can be a mental health counselor, a marriage and family therapist, a substance abuse counselor, a clinical social worker, or a school counselor.


2. Educational psychology

This one is for future teachers. Study educational psychology and you’ll study the psychology of learning and motivation to help your students. Select a program out of 240 educational psychology programs. That degree qualifies you to be an educational psychologist or researcher, as well as a training adviser or a career consultant.


3. Psychology

This degree is the mothership of all other psychology degrees. It’s the study of the mind and behavior. You’ll be able to study forensic, cognitive, social, and developmental psychology. Pick a program out of more than 1,500 psychology programs. Such a degree certifies you to be a counseling psychologist, neuroscientist, psychotherapist, therapist, psychiatrist, and more.


Psychologists are people who want to help others. The career path for psychologists is usually long, filled with degrees and studies, all to master (yes, that’s a pun) the human mind.


Sign up to Educatly and update your profile to get a customized browsing experience. You will be matched with the most suitable program based on your preferences. You can also just browse through 1700+ programs to study psychology abroad and select your favourite and apply!


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