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The Best Reasons to Study Abroad in Turkey

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Do you want to study abroad in Turkey? Do you want to experience a new culture, eat amazing food and maybe learn a new language? Turkey is an increasingly popular destination for international students from all over the world. If you are considering studying abroad, Turkey should definitely be on your list!


Not only does Turkey offer a wide variety of educational opportunities for international students, but it has world-renowned universities and affordable colleges, so there is something for everyone in Turkey. And with English becoming increasingly more common as a second language in Turkey, the country is attracting more students. However, these are not the only reasons to study abroad in Turkey. There are many reasons why you should study in Turkey and Educatly has got them all for you, right here in this blog post. 


4 Reasons To Study Abroad in Turkey:

1. It’s a bridge between Europe and Asia

Turkey is a land of opportunity for international students. With its rich history and culture, diverse landscape, and welcoming people, Turkey is the perfect place to study abroad. But what really sets Turkey apart as a study-abroad destination is its unique blend of East and West. As a bridge between Europe and Asia, Turkey offers students the best of both worlds. 


You can explore the ancient ruins of Ephesus or hike through the stunning landscapes of Cappadocia. Or if you’re looking for a more modern experience, you can shop in Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar or visit one of the city’s many museums and art galleries.


2. A great education system

Turkey has a long history of educational excellence, dating back to the Ottoman Empire. The modern Turkish education system was established in 1923, following the country's independence. Since then, it has undergone several significant reforms, most recently in 2012.


As a result of these reforms, the Turkish education system is now one of the world's most comprehensive and internationally respected systems. It offers various educational opportunities for both domestic and international students.


A huge number of international students choose to study at Turkish universities. This is due to the high quality of education offered at its institutions. In addition, Turkish universities offer a wide range of degree programs that are taught in English. As a result, international students can easily find programs that meet their needs and interests!


3. The affordable cost of studying 

This is one of the best reasons to study abroad in Turkey! The cost of studying in Turkey is very reasonable, especially when compared to other developed countries. Tuition fees at Turkish universities are some of the lowest in the world, and there are a number of scholarships available to help students cover the cost of their studies. In addition, living costs in Turkey are relatively low, meaning that students can enjoy a high standard of living without breaking the bank.


study abroad in Turkey


So if you're looking for an affordable place to study abroad, Turkey should definitely be on your radar.


4. The great programs

With Educatly, you can check out 250 programs to study in Turkey, and the tuition fees start from $500 a year up to $20,000. There are 26 top universities in Turkey to choose from in Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, and Mersin. 


No matter what your interests are, you’re going to find a suitable degree and program for you. Are you looking for a bachelor’s degree in Turkey? We got it. A master’s degree? Ph.D? It’s all available in Turkey. 


Do you want to study medicine and health? Design? Art? Engineering? Computer science? It’s all available to study in Turkey. So don’t you worry about finding a program or fitting in in Turkey? The welcoming environment and friendly atmosphere will help you create a new home abroad. 


So, what are you waiting for? Sign up to Educatly for free, update your profile with your preferences and interests, and you’ll get matched with a suitable program for you.


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