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The 5 Most Difficult College Majors (Hardest to Study)

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Choosing a college major can be one of the most difficult decisions that you’ll ever make. With so many options available, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. And with the pressure of getting into a good school and finding a job after graduation, deciding on a major is even more stressful. But before you decide, knowing what you’re getting yourself into is important. 


While some majors are easier than others, and some are more promising than others, there are some that are particularly challenging –so much so that they may require additional work or dedication before you can become proficient in them. And Educatly is here to share with you the most difficult university majors from around the world and offer advice on how to succeed in them.


The 5 Most Difficult College Majors to Study

This question has no definitive answer as it largely depends on the individual student's abilities and work ethic. However, there are certain majors that are generally considered to be more difficult than others. Students pursuing these majors often have to take more challenging coursework and put in extra hours of studying outside of class. 


1. Engineering

Engineering is often considered one of the most difficult. Engineering is a broad field covering many different sub-disciplines, each with unique challenges. Students who want to become engineers often have to grapple with complex concepts and equations. They also need to be able to apply these concepts to real-world problems. This can be difficult for students who are not comfortable with math or science.


Most Difficult College Majors


Engineering majors also have to be very disciplined. They need to be able to complete projects on time and within budget. This can be difficult for students who are used to a more relaxed academic schedule. Overall, engineering is a challenging but rewarding field of study. Those who are successful in completing an engineering degree will find themselves in high demand by employers.


2. Physics

According to a new poll of college students, physics is the most difficult university major to study. The poll found that physics students were likelier than students in any other field to say their major was "very difficult." Of the 1,000 college students surveyed, 22% said physics was very difficult, compared to just 18% who said the same about engineering. 


Most Difficult College Majors


Studying physics is so difficult as it's such a broad field, encompassing everything from quantum mechanics to astrophysics. That can make it hard for students to know where to start —and even harder for them to know when they're actually done learning.


But there's another explanation that's even more fundamental: Physics is hard because it's about the underlying structure of reality itself. It's not easy to wrap your mind around concepts like space-time curvature or quantum entanglement. Even Einstein famously struggled with some of these ideas!


So, if you're thinking about majoring in physics, be prepared for a challenge. But take heart in knowing that you'll be joining some of the brightest minds in history —minds that have changed our understanding of the universe forever.


3. Chemistry

Students can pursue many different college majors, but some are more difficult to study than others. Chemistry is one of the most difficult university majors to study because it requires a deep understanding of complex concepts and equations. Students majoring in chemistry often have to take extra classes outside their major to get a good grasp of the material.


Most Difficult College Majors


In addition to taking extra classes, students who want to major in chemistry also have to be willing to put in a lot of extra studying time. Chemistry is a notoriously difficult subject, and even the best students can sometimes struggle with it. If you're not willing to put in the extra work, then chemistry might not be your right major.


4. Biology

There are many reasons why biology may be considered one of the most difficult college majors. For starters, the coursework can be challenging. In addition, the subject matter is constantly changing and evolving, which can make it difficult to keep up with the latest information!


Most Difficult College Majors


Another reason why studying biology is challenging is because of the vast amount of material that must be learned. There is a lot of information to memorize (and in Latin, as well), and it can be difficult to keep everything straight in your head. Finally, practical experience is often essential for success in this field, and getting access to lab facilities and equipment can sometimes be difficult, depending on the country and university.


5. Computer Science

Computer science is one of the most challenging majors to study due to the huge amount of material that must be learned and the constantly changing nature of the field. Students must be able to learn and keep up with new programming languages, software, and hardware as they are developed. 


Most Difficult College Majors


This is particularly not easy as technology advances day by day. Students must also be able to apply these tools to solve complex problems. The computer science major requires a great deal of critical thinking, analytical skills, patience, perseverance, and practice.


If you’re passionate about one of these majors or want to pursue a career in it, now you know what it takes, and you can be ready when charging in. Browse through our study abroad programs all over the world and apply to your favorite. Or, when you sign up to Educatly and update your profile, you can get matched with the most suitable program for you based on your preferences! 


What are you waiting for? Start your journey now.

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