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Study Immunology Abroad: The 3 Most Important Aspects to Think About

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Everything about the human body starts in the immune system. With so many incurable autoimmune diseases, immunology is becoming more and more important as a study field. If you’re interested in immunology, making a positive change in the world, and helping people get better, then this field is for you.


Studying immunology abroad where the best experts in the world will teach you will be an incredibly rewarding and eye-opening experience. And Educatly is going to share with you all about studying immunology and walk you through the most important aspects to think about when considering studying immunology: what is immunology, why is it important in the world and beneficial for you, and why you should study immunology abroad. 


What is Immunology?

It is the study of the immune system, which plays a major part in protecting our bodies from infections and diseases. Immunology is a branch of medical and biological sciences that studies how healthy and diseased bodies fight bacteria, and viruses, as well as methods to prevent and treat illnesses.



As an immunology student, you will study the functions and changes of the immune system. However, it’s not that simple. When it comes to the immune system, there are two main types: the innate (general) immune system and the adaptive (specialized) immune system. The innate immune system is your body’s first line of defence against infection and is made up of physical, chemical, and biological barriers. The adaptive immune system is a more sophisticated response that involves the production of antibodies and other specialized cells that target specific invaders.


Other types of immunology:

  • Classical immunology: It focuses on the basic mechanisms of the immune response.
  • Clinical immunology: It deals with diagnosing and treating disorders of the immune system.
  • Theoretical immunology: It’s the study of basic dynamics in the immune system’s physiology.
  • Developmental immunology: It focuses on how the immune system develops throughout life.
  • Diagnostic immunology: It’s a diagnostic technique that monitors the bond between antigen-antibody reactions for treatment and prevention.
  • Reproductive immunology: It studies the interactions between the reproductive system and immunology. For example, how the immune system behaves during pregnancy for women.
  • Immunogenetics: This type of immunology deals with how our genes influence our susceptibility to disease.
  • Immunotherapy: It focuses on the prevention and treatment of diseases.
  • Ecoimmunology and behavioural immunity:  It’s the study of the behaviour, causes and consequences of variations in the immune system.
  • Cancer Immunology: It’s the study of the interactions and relationships between the immune system and cancerous cells.


Why is Immunology an Important Field?

Immunologists have never been as in-demand as they are now. With the rise of the pandemic and Covid-19, medicine has been paying so much more attention to the immune system. Additionally, there are around 100 autoimmune diseases and many of which are incurable yet can be controlled.


So if you think that there’s no future for immunologists, you’re mistaken. Researchers and scientists are currently highly in demand and there are many job opportunities. With a degree in immunology, you can start your career in medicine. Graduate studies such as master’s and Ph.D would skyrocket your career.



With this degree, you can work in universities, research institutes, government laboratories and pharmaceutical companies. Booming fields include biotechnology, vaccinology, biosafety, regulation, diagnostics, teaching and research! You can work as a professor, environmental scientist, microbiologist, epidemiologist, food technologist, and much more. 


It’s been reported that there are currently more than 289,000 job openings for immunologists. Moreover, the average salary of an immunologist in the US is $187,200 a year, however, the salaries range from $57,000 to $425,000! 


Why You Should Study Immunology Abroad

By now you know why you should be studying immunology, but do you know why you should study abroad? For starters, studying abroad is an excellent way to learn more about global health issues, get first-hand experience,  and learn from the best. Perhaps the most valuable aspect of studying immunology abroad is the chance to learn from some of the world’s leading experts in the field.


In addition to learning from top-notch faculty, students who study immunology abroad also have access to state-of-the-art facilities and resources. You will get the chance to use cutting-edge technology to conduct your own research projects.



In addition, studying abroad will allow you to build relationships with other students and professionals who are passionate about this field. These connections can lead to valuable networking opportunities and future collaborations.


Whether you want to pursue a career in immunology or simply want to deepen your understanding of how our immune system works, studying immunology abroad is an excellent way to achieve your goals.


Now is your chance to explore a new place and a higher education, follow your passion and kickstart your future. Study immunology abroad in Canada, Ireland, Turkey, the USA, or the UK. There are all kinds of degrees that Educatly can connect you to, be it a foundation degree, courses, bachelor’s, master’s, or even a Ph.D. 


The good news is that some programs start from 1,200 USD a year. Study Immunology abroad and browse through 60+ programs all over the world.


All you need to do is sign up to Educatly, update your profile, and you will get matched with the best program for you, and the admissions team will contact you to qualify you and take you to the next step!


What are you waiting for? Follow Educatly for more about education and studying abroad.

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