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You Wish Is Our Command: The 5 Top Fields to Study in Ireland

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Living in Ireland would be an amazing experience, and studying there would be just as well. Being surrounded by the most sought-after tech companies like Google, Linkedin, Meta, and TikTok has to be quite an inspiring scene. However, deciding what to study might be kind of challenging. But have no fear, Educatly has got your back, and we're here to share with you the top fields to study in Ireland!


Ireland is a beautiful country, and everyone knows it. Studying abroad in Ireland means living amongst some of the most friendly people in the world. The country is widely known for being safe, international and well-paid internships and jobs! Living in Ireland means you probably won’t get bored a day, as you'll be immersed in the culture, surrounded by art galleries, theatres, museums, and weekend trips to all of its European neighbors!


What to Study In Ireland

There are some fields that Ireland excels in, and it has international students coming from all around the world to study. And let me tell you, you wouldn’t struggle to get a job with a degree in one of these fields because they’re IN DEMAND.


top fields to study in Ireland


Here are the 5 top fields to study in Ireland:

1. Business & Management

As a business & management graduate, you could work as an accountant, a business analyst, a business developer, a financial advisor, a sales manager, and much more in a regular company or one of the big techs based in Dublin: Google, Airbnb, Twitter, TikTok, Meta, Linkedin, Hubspot... Don’t worry, those jobs are highly in demand, and companies are ALWAYS hiring for them! All you have to do is choose from over 250 business & management programs that Educatly offers you in Ireland alone. There are diplomas, bachelor’s, master’s, PhDs, and even short courses, and they’re offered by 17 of Ireland’s best universities, so you’d be getting the best educational experience.


2. Computer Science & IT

This is the career of the future all around the world, and it’s no wonder that Ireland excels in this field. Among 129 programs (diploma, bachelor’s, master’s, and Ph.D programs) you can select the most suitable one for you! You could be a full-time application or software developer, data analyst, IT support specialist, programmer, or a variety of other jobs. And we all know that startups and tech companies are always expanding their tech team. Study in some of Ireland’s top universities.


3. Data Science & Big Data

Get your diploma, pre-bachelor, bachelor’s, master’s, or PhD in data science, social data analytics, statistics, or computer science. Pick out your favorite program from 25 diverse programs in Ireland, provided to you by 9 different universities. As a graduate, you can work as a data scientist, big data analyst, data security analyst, database manager, or more. This is the field for you if you’re into numbers, details, and solving problems.


4. Engineering & Technology

There are just so many diverse programs. You can get into chemical, electrical, biological, civil, or environmental engineering. The chances are endless, and Educatly has gathered for you over 184 engineering programs in Ireland from the best universities, institutions, and colleges. And just like there are so many different specializations, there are so many job opportunities ready for you to grab.


5. Medicine & Healthcare

The world will never stop needing the medical and healthcare sector (I mean, COVID-19.) There are 194 diverse programs where you can choose to take your diploma, bachelor’s, master’s, or PhD. Educatly has for you universities in Dublin, Cork, Carlow, Maynooth, Sligo, and Limerick. Doctors, nurses, pharmacists, opticians, and radiologists are required in the job market!


The world is full of amazing opportunities, and studying in Ireland could be your bridge to a great career. There are way more than these top fields to study in Ireland. Browse through more than 1,700 diverse programs in Ireland, and choose your favorite.


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