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share by Nadine Mohamed
Mohmmed El Sonbaty on the Future of Educatly
Educatly’s CEO, Mohamed El Sonbaty, shares what is Educatly and what the world can expect in the future of Educatly.

With the EdTech platform, Educatly, close to the top, the only way is up. Educatly’s CEO, Mohamed El Sonbaty, has a pleasant conversation with Elsa Barbera and he shares what he has in store for Educatly and the company’s future. In the interview, they discuss the past, the present, and the future of Educatly.


Can you explain what Educatly is, and how Educatly can help people?

“In very simple words, we’re building for education what LinkedIn built for jobs. We’re building an educational network. You use LinkedIn to look for a job or a career. There are so many social media platforms for other purposes as well. But we believe we lack an educational network where we have every university in the world, program, course, student, professor, alumni, or technology to connect us together. 


“Our mission is to connect you to the world of learning through building a platform or a network that supports and connects you to your dream education. We aspire to have fewer people working jobs that are unrelated to their higher education degrees and make that 73% way less. We want to create a correlation between what a person studies, the career they pursue, and what they can add to the world, and inspire them  to find their career through education to really reach their potential.”


the Future of Educatly


What do we expect in the future of Educatly within the next 6 to 12 months?

“In summary, we expect a transformational approach to how recruitment is done. We’re revolutionizing the way educational institutions and universities are recruiting students in a way that hasn’t been seen before. It’s something that we will be working on within the next year. I believe it will have a powerful impact on empowering students to connect with educational opportunities using technology that can help them find their support and opportunities. This will also empower universities in this digital world to find an efficient way to manage the whole admission process. 


“You know, this past May, people from around 150 countries used Educatly to find a study abroad opportunity. It shows that there's a need, and we have an impact. We’re expecting to raise another investment round to help us expand in different regions. We’re very excited about this. There’s nothing better than feeling fulfilled by helping other people reach their goals and full potential. Nothing is as fulfilling. That’s our next plan.”


Elsa said, “We do! We have such a powerful impact and the platform is so easy to use. Just like when you use LinkedIn to look for a job and you will get a list of all the jobs, and you can apply in just one click, and get a call or email from the company for an interview, we do this for education. If you look for international studies in Switzerland, for example, you will get a list of all the programs there in that major. You can filter the programs based on tuition fees, when it starts, duration, online or offline, degree level, and more. You can select everything and just apply in one click! This is a solution that I am so happy you found. 


“For a long time, I thought I am done with education, but now that I work at Educatly, I want to get 10 master’s degrees. It’s just so exciting. The programs are exciting, and we have exciting countries as well. The fact that this exists and you can offer that to everyone is fantastic. I want to thank you because you created this, and we’ve sent so many people abroad. On the first day of class, we do a whole celebration in our office. It’s the most exciting experience ever because we’ve literally changed their lives. The celebrations will never end at Educatly, and I want to thank you for this and your time today!”


This is just a little bit of how the EdTech platform Educatly came to life! It’s always here to help you. So, if you’ve always wanted to study abroad, but don’t know where to start, you can just DM us. It’s completely free and there are more than 36,000 programs. Just send us a message on Instagram and we will support you every step of the way.


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