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share by Nadine Mohamed
The Top 7 Study Abroad Minors for Creative Majors
There are some minors that complement creative majors and pave the way for opportunities and money-making. Read on to find out more:

If you’re a creative major who wants to study abroad, you’re making the right choice. Studying abroad would provide you with a chance to explore new artistic perspectives, learn about different cultures, and develop skills that can enhance your creative abilities. You may be also contemplating the best minors that can complement your major and it can be a daunting task, but not while we’re here to help.


Educatly has compiled a list of the top seven study-abroad minors that can benefit creative majors. From psychology to art history, these minors offer a diverse range of options to students who want to study abroad while pursuing their creative passions. So, let's dive in and discover the top study-abroad minors for creative majors.


1. Business

Whether you’re studying art, design, or theatre, a minor in business can be a great addition to your degree. A minor in business can teach you valuable skills such as marketing, finance, and entrepreneurship, which can be useful if you plan on pursuing a career in a creative field. Studying abroad with a business minor can also expose you to international business practices and help you develop a global perspective.


2. Language and Culture

If you’re studying abroad, why not take advantage of the opportunity to learn a new language? A minor in language and culture can help you develop language skills and cultural competence, which can be valuable in various fields. For example, if you’re studying art, learning the language of the country you’re studying in can help you better understand the local art scene and connect with other artists.


3. Communication Studies

This minor can help creative majors enhance communication skills, audience understanding, and professional development for creative majors. As a communication studies student, you will be learning about public speaking, presentation skills, media relations, and communication theory can broaden perspectives and make creative majors more well-rounded professionals. 


4. History of Art and Architecture

If you’re studying art or architecture, a minor in the history of art and architecture can help you understand the cultural and historical contexts of the works you’re studying. It can help them develop a broader knowledge of artistic movements, styles, and techniques. Studying abroad with a history of art and architecture minor can allow you to learn about and learn about the cultural influences on art, the development of different styles, and how architecture has evolved alongside cultural, political, and social change.


5. Computer Science

This minor can provide valuable technical skills that can enhance their ability to create and innovate. As a computer science student, you will be learning programming languages, algorithms, coding, web development, digital media and software development tools, they can improve their ability to create and develop websites, design mobile apps, and create interactive media that integrates programming and design or work in creative majors such as graphic design, film, and animation. 


6. Writing

If you’re studying creative writing or journalism, a minor in writing can help you hone your craft and develop a unique voice. Studying abroad with a writing minor can also expose you to different literary traditions and allow you to explore the local writing scene, as well as develop the ability to tell compelling stories, which can be useful for those pursuing careers in fields such as film, TV, and publishing.


7. Psychology

If you’re studying theatre or visual arts, a minor in psychology can help you understand the human experience and the ways in which art can impact mental health. Studying abroad with a psychology minor can also expose you to different cultural attitudes toward mental health and allow you to explore the intersections between art and psychology.


Whichever minor you choose, it will surely upscale your career. You can easily sign up to Educatly and update your profile to get matched with a suitable program based on your desired location and minor. Or you can just browse through 25,000+ programs in diverse majors and minors all over the world.


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