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Can Interning Abroad Help Your Career? Here Are 5 Ways How

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Everyone knows that studying abroad is a life-changing experience that ultimately exposes students to new cultures and ideas and opens multiple doors of opportunity for them. But have you ever thought of interning?


Interning abroad is when an international student undertakes an internship or work experience program in a foreign country. It could be also be done while they're studying abroad, as typically, internships abroad are available to students or recent graduates who seek to enhance their skills, expand their global perspective, and increase their employability.


These Internship programs can be organized by universities, private companies, nonprofit organizations, or specialized agencies that facilitate international placements. It offers a multitude of benefits, and Educatly wants to go through them all with you and help you understand the power of interning.


Here Are 5 Ways Interning Abroad Can Help Your Career:

1. Gain practical work experience

Interning abroad provides a unique opportunity to gain practical work experience in a different cultural and professional environment. This experience can help you massively to develop new skills, broaden your perspective, and demonstrate your ability to adapt to new situations. It can also make your resume stand out to potential employers, particularly if you intern with a well-known company or in a highly specialized field.


2. Build a global network

Interning abroad allows you to build a global network of contacts and establish connections with professionals in your field. These connections can be invaluable for job hunting or seeking advice and support throughout your career. By developing these relationships early on in your career, you can open up new opportunities and gain insights into different industries and markets.


3. Improve language skills

Interning abroad is an excellent opportunity to improve your language skills and gain confidence in a second language. If you're interning in a non-English speaking country, you'll have the chance to immerse yourself in the language and practice your skills in a professional context. This experience can be a significant asset when pursuing jobs requiring bilingual or multilingual skills.


4. Enhance cultural competency

Interning abroad allows you to gain firsthand experience of a different culture and develop your cultural competency. This experience can help you become more sensitive to cultural differences, improve your communication skills, and broaden your perspective. By demonstrating your ability to work effectively in a multicultural environment, you can position yourself as a valuable asset to potential employers.


5. Stand out in a competitive job market

In today's competitive job market, having international work experience can be a significant advantage. Employers are often looking for candidates with a global perspective, cross-cultural communication skills, and the ability to adapt to new situations. By interning abroad, you can demonstrate these qualities and position yourself as a candidate willing to take on new challenges and pursue opportunities outside your comfort zone.


It's safe to say we highly encourage you to intern abroad! Travel, meet people, explore new industry areas, gain work experience, engage with different cultures, and live your life. As a college graduate, this is the best time to start building a career as you challenge yourself and try diverse things.


When interning abroad, it's essential to prioritize your mental and emotional health. Staying in touch with your family and friends back home and even friends you made while studying abroad is highly recommended to feel connected to people you love, motivated, and supported.


We're guessing you need to study overseas first to start interning abroad. Sign up to Educatly and update your profile to get matched with a suitable program abroad. Our educational consultant team will contact you as soon as possible and help you take the first and last step towards studying abroad.

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