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Study Abroad Journalism: This is How it Will Change Your Life

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This degree is for the creatives, the curious, and the dreamers. Journalism is for explorers who want to understand the world and care about people. It’s for the artists and the wordsmiths.


If those words have resonated with you, then journalism is for you. However, journalism goes beyond what you’re skilled at or what your passion is. Logically speaking, the world will never stop needing journalism and will never stop paying for it.


When considering journalism, there’s nothing better than an internationally accredited degree from abroad. There are many journalism programs abroad that can prepare you to be a true international journalist. With Educatly, you can study in Spain, Canada, the United Kingdom, Ireland, the United States of America, or even the United Arab Emirates.


Aside from the various journalism programs and degrees out there, the normal day-to-day work of a journalist is the best part.


Study abroad journalism (this is how a journalist works)

As a journalist, you can forget about sitting at a desk for 9 hours. Instead, you’d be always moving, going places, and exploring your next story. That leads to another great part of the job: the stories! If you’re into entertainment, movies, politics, economics, or whatever, you’d be in the heart of the action, experiencing the world and meeting people in the industries you love. Another point would be the exclusive freebies. To cover events, you’d be traveling, staying in luxurious hotels, and eating the best food, all paid for.


Furthermore, there are numerous organizations that you can work at. You can work in a newspaper, a TV channel, or a digital media production company or have your own voice and brand. You can also write for companies or create documentaries and sell them to Netflix. Wouldn't that be amazing?! If you’re still not sold on why a degree in journalism would change your life, here’s more.


Study Abroad Journalism


There are many diverse job titles for a journalism degree holder

First of all, you can be a newspaper or magazine journalist. Online or offline. Be it through reporting on the radio, a blog, TV, a YouTube channel, or through writing. You can work as a broadcast journalist, where you get to investigate, research, and present news! You can be a web content manager, a publishing copy editor, an editorial assistant, or better yet, an editor yourself.


That’s not the end of it; there are other jobs you can work with a degree in journalism, such as a digital or advertising copywriter, a market researcher, or a translator. The best part is that all those jobs will keep you engaged, creative, and always keeping up with the world.


Now is the time to study abroad journalism! The opportunities are endless, and it would be the start of your great career. 


Educatly has got for you 130 journalism programs to study abroad! Choose your favorite bachelor’s, master’s, or Ph.D. degree from one of the 42 universities worldwide that Educatly has for you.


The best part is how diverse the majors are: You can choose to study journalism abroad on its own or specialize in other areas such as Journalism and International Relations, Sports Journalism, War Journalism, International Journalism, and Investigative Journalism... the choices are countless!


Sign up to Educatly now and just select your favourite study abroad program.


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