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Top 10 Bachelors and Masters To Study Abroad In The UK

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If you've been dreaming of studying abroad in the UK and taking your bachelor's or master's there, you are in the right place! Being in the UK means you’ll be immersed in art and culture, graduate from some of the world's best universities, and be surrounded by amazing museums and sporting events. All you got to do now is decide on one of three prominent fields to study abroad in the UK


Study abroad in the UK in one of these fields:

Below are some of the most popular majors students choose to study in the UK; however, your options are truly unlimited!


1. Medicine & Health


study abroad Medicine in the UK


Get a degree in the pioneering field to get a high-paying job. From more than 2000 degrees, choose the one that fits you the most.


2. Engineering & Technology


study abroad Engineering & Technology in the UK


This is the field of the future, where no engineering and technology graduate would run out of a job. There are more than 2400 engineering programs to pick your favorite.


3. Computer Science & IT


study abroad Computer Science and IT in the UK


Now, you can be a huge part of the rise of robots! Select the most suitable program for you among more than 1,200 bachelor’s and master's programs.


4. Architecture, Arts & Design


study abroad Architecture Arts  and Design in the UK


If you're a creative and artistic person, this is the best career for you. With over 2100 programs to choose from, you'll find the perfect one for you.


5. Business & Management


study abroad business & management in the UK


This is one of the top fields to study in most European countries as well as the USA, as it's highly in demand. You can't go wrong with business! Find your perfect one through the 4,000+ degrees available.


6. Marketing



Without marketing, no business would ever succeed! There are 600+ marketing degrees in the UK for you to choose from.


7. Communication, Journalism & Media


study abroad communication, journalism and media in the UK


If writing and expressing yourself creatively is your thing, here are 900+ diverse programs to select your favorite.


8. Law


study abroad law in the UK


Calling all future lawyers! Studying in the UK offers you over 1100 degrees for you to choose from.


9. Hospitality, Leisure & Sports


study abroad Hospitality, Leisure & Sports in the UK


If you fall into this category, you'll have over 500 degrees to choose from.


10. Psychology


study abroad psychology in the UK


Understanding the brain is fascinating. Here are over 1000 degrees you can study if you're fascinated by psychology!


The United Kingdom is pretty famous for its top-ranked universities. It’s the number one choice for international students for that reason and because students can get a post-study work visa! (Yes, you heard that right; you will automatically get a 2-year work visa once you graduate, no matter your country of origin). The cherry on top is its global job market that offers extraordinary work opportunities with a very competitive salary.


Educatly will connect you to the best universities in the homeland of David Beckham, and you can choose from 25,000 study-abroad bachelor's and master's degree programs in the United Kingdom alone. Sign up to Educatly now, for free, learn more and apply to any study abroad program you like across the whole world. 


To know more, follow Educatly —where studying abroad is made easy.

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