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Financial Aid to Study in the USA: Your Master's Degree is Waiting
Get financial aid in the USA and enjoy a variety of university partnerships, flexible loans, steady interest rates, long-term payment and mentoring programs.

Pursuing higher education abroad can be a dream come true for many international students. However, the financial burden associated with tuition fees, accommodation, and other student-related expenses can often pose significant challenges. To address this issue, a remarkable financial aid program was created to help international students seeking admission to universities in the United States and Canada. This program, initiated by international students themselves, aims to provide accessible and affordable student finance options, allowing aspiring scholars to fulfill their educational aspirations without unnecessary financial strain.


The Program

The financial aid program was established by international students for international students, recognizing the unique financial circumstances they face. The program assesses the student's background and potential future career, rather than relying solely on their current financial situation when granting loans. By predicting the graduate's salary upon completion of their studies at a specific university, the program ensures that financial aid is tailored to individual needs and repayment capabilities.


University Coverage

The program extends its support to a wide range of 381 universities across the United States and Canada. This comprehensive coverage enables students to choose from a diverse selection of educational institutions and pursue their desired fields of study, including STEM disciplines and MBA programs.


Loan Options

The program offers loan options of up to $100,000 to cover various expenses, including tuition fees, accommodation costs, and other student-related financial needs. This flexibility allows students to manage their finances effectively throughout their academic journey, ensuring an uninterrupted focus on their studies.


Fixed Interest Rates

One notable advantage of this financial aid program is the fixed interest rate that remains constant for the entire duration of the loan, which is typically ten years. This stability provides students with the assurance of predictable repayment terms, facilitating effective financial planning and eliminating the uncertainty of fluctuating interest rates.


Visa Support

In addition to financial assistance, the program offers free visa support after loan approval. The provision of an I-20 form, which has a high success rate, ensures that students can navigate the visa application process seamlessly, reducing the likelihood of rejections and enabling a smooth transition to their chosen university.


Collaborative Management

The program operates in collaboration with the universities to manage the financial aspects of the loan, ensuring a streamlined experience for students and minimizing complications, relieving students of administrative burdens.


Credit Building

Recognizing the importance of credit history, the program leverages the student's U.S. credit history to build their credit score. This provides international students with an opportunity to establish a positive credit profile while studying, which can have long-term benefits for their financial future.


"Path to Success" Mentoring Program

The program goes beyond financial aid by offering support in career development. Through the "Part to Success" initiative, students receive assistance in finding employment opportunities and access to mentors who can guide them in their professional journey. This holistic approach aims to empower students with the necessary tools for success beyond graduation.


Flexibility and Repayment Terms

Students have the flexibility to begin repaying the loan while they are still studying, alleviating the burden of accumulated debt upon graduation. Students can also start the repayment process six months after graduation if they prefer. Notably, there are no prepayment penalties, allowing borrowers to pay off the loan in full whenever they are financially capable.


By providing accessible and tailored financial aid options, this program enables students to pursue their academic dreams without compromising their financial stability. With comprehensive university coverage, loan flexibility, fixed interest rates, credit-building opportunities, and supportive mentoring programs, this financial aid initiative is a valuable resource that empowers international students to thrive academically and professionally.


This program offers students the chance to chase their academic ambitions without stressing over finances. With its wide range of university partnerships, flexible loans, steady interest rates, credit-building benefits, and mentoring programs, this financial aid program can help international students conquer their academic and professional dreams.


If you’re ready to study abroad, just apply for the financial aid program to study in the USA. Our team of educational counselors will be notified and contact you shortly to take you to the next step, from finding your favorite university and a suitable program to the application process and your visa.


It's time to find the master’s degree you're hoping for in the US.

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